Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Empties

My first ever Empties post! This is a post that is dear to my heart because if you didn't know already, I am obsessed with finishing up products to justify replacing them. I am so on Project Pan!

First item I finished was the Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat. This was gifted to me back in August and I ran out (or it got way too gloopy to use) in late December. My No.7 Top Coat is getting there too! I go through these like there's no tomorrow apparently. I really liked the Sally Hansen top coat because it dries fast enough, is super shiny, and chips normally (or just as often as other top coats I've used). It's quite expensive here at around £10 though so I'm not sure if I'd repurchase. 

Next is the Bourjois Volumizer. I've written about this quite a few times so check out my Essentials of 2011 post for more info. I'm probably gonna try No.7 Extravagent Curl and get another MaxFactor False Lashes before i come back to this. Gotta go full circle u know?

Thirdly there's the Neutrogena SPF 25 anti-aging hand cream. I wear this every time I go out in the daytime because I'm OCD about sun protection. Love this. I wish it smelled a bit better but hey, there aren't many substitutes out there.

Last but not least is a product I've absolutely LOVED using. And by loved I mean ohmygodthisisthebestshowergelever! I will definitely be repurchasing this Mandara Spa moisturising shower gel once I have some more pennies! I got this back in November as a birthday prezzie and not only does it smell wonderful, but it's probably the only shower gel I've used where I can actually feel it cleansing my skin! It's SLS free and paraben free to boot. This is my #1 shower gel of all time people. PLUS I found out it retails for £6.50 online!!


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