Monday, January 23, 2012

Dark lips + MAC dupe!!

     I am so excited about this post because I am really loving dark lips! I first bought Black Cherry #477 by Revlon a year and a half ago and only used it a handful of times. This fall however, I picked up Prince Noir (matte) lipstick form MAC's MAC Me Over collection. I had seen swatches of it on various blogs/videos and KNEW I wanted it. 

     When I first saw it in real life, i was shocked at just how dark it was and it instantly reminded me of Black Cherry. That came with regret and an "uh-oh did I just pay a hefty amount for a lipstick I pretty much already had?" feeling. 

     They swatch pretty much identically (please ignore the pink lipstick swatch next to them ha!) The left bigger swatch is Black Cherry and the middle swatch is Prince Noir. They might as well have been from the same lipstick! 

     Since Prince Noir is matte, it is less moisturising but stains the lips better. Revlon's lipsticks tend to be more moisturising and not quite as pigmented. The way I apply them is I first moisturise with lip balm, then go over my lips generously and blot. That way it leaves more of a stain, which is less high-maintenance throughout the day!

My lips look glossy here because I applied lip balm over Prince Noir!

     Overall I do not regret buying Prince Noir because it's got sleeker packaging and is a more luxurious and higher quality version of the dark berry shade. Speaking of dark berry shades, I have been rocking it all weekend! I love it because it gives such a deep, rich sophisticated look which is just the thing to warm up this dreary, frosty January! Xx


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