Saturday, January 7, 2012


     Who doesn't love a good window-shopping session every now and then? It's nice to see what's out there in 3D and to daydream a little. Yesterday I found myself in House of Fraser where I spotted these beauts, and I still cannot stop thinking about them! Some are more out of reach than others *sigh*, 
     Here are my current lust-haves:

     As I was passing through the Mulberry section, this cute little crystal frog necklace caught my eye.
It was displayed so that the frog was next to the glass casing window and it looks a lot nicer to the naked eye. It's such an adorable accessory, I just wish the price tag wasn't £200. 

     Next is this cute little Lily bag (I wonder if its after Lily Allen in the way the Alexa is after Alexa Chung?). It comes in many different colours and textures, but this is my fave. It's an ostrich gold and silver sparkly clutch bag priced at £2,000. Yep, four digits :O! Isn't it beautiful though? 

     Then there's the Laura Mercier body wash which I've been after because of so many great reviews. Yesterday was the first time I actually sniffed it, and boy does it smell delicious! It's absolutely incredible how sweet yummy and luscious this smells, by far nicer than any Lush product I've ever gotten a whiff of (ha!). I believe the body wash is around £35 so I shall hopefully be getting it in the not so distant future!!

     House of Fraser is also where I saw Deborah Lipmann polishes on display in real life for the first time ever. They looked so lovely! I searched for Razzle Dazzle but they didn't have it (sold out probably). I liked the gold and blue glitter ones, but not as much as this coral summer shade! It's called Girls Just Want To Have Fun and I am SO gonna get this come March!!! I believe they're priced at £14 which is pretty steep for nail polish, who knows why :/. I saw some Butter London polishes too but their colour selection is very disappointing. 

     I went round the fragrances right before leaving the store and re-sniffed these scents which I've been after since November. Firstly is Valentina which in my opinion is a far younger and fresher version of the Elie Saab perfume which everyone is going crazy over. The smallest bottle is around £40 and the body oil is around £30 and I'm after them both (you know my weakness for body oils)! As for the Prada Candy fragrance, to me it smells very chic, sophisticated, fun, nostalgic and luxurious and I cannot wait to have it. I also eyed the Mark Jacobs Curacao and looked for the Kim Kardashian fragrance which I LOVE but couldn't find it. Ah well =) Xx


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