Sunday, January 15, 2012


     My weekend in pictures =)

      Friday: Yummy Italian dinner, goat cheese pizza w/side salad and San Pelegrino (love it!).

     Saturday: Frosty morning!
     Walk back home after getting a MUCH needed trim + comb through at the hairdressers! It was a lovely afternoon! 

      Painted my nails when I got home. No.7's Practically Perfect for my toes (from my most recent haul) and OPI's Bubble Bath for my fingers. Oh, and some green tea =)

     Sunday: hangover breakfast comprised of peanut butter on toast and some tea. =)

     Another cure for a hangover, a country walk! A frozen pond (we tried throwing twigs and stones but they just bounced off!), donkeys, horses, gorgeous views and some fresh air <3

     We had to take our muddy shoes off before going into the pub out of courtesy. It was so weird to be walking around the pub in my socks! Ha Xx


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