Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lush Review

     Today I'm reviewing a few products I picked up from Lush three weeks ago. I made sure to try them out well before I made any final decisions, so here they are. 

     First is the Mint Julips lip scrub, which I've heard SO much about from the online beauty community (specifically from missglamorazzi on Youtube) and couldn't wait to try it. Wintertime has brought its dry windy forces onto my poor little lips and given me chapped lips pretty much everyday. I was skeptical about this the first time I tried it but WOW it is amazing. It really does work, no joke. All you do is touch your finger to the scrub then gently rub it over the dry patches on your lips thoroughly, and lick off! It comes in Bubblegum and another chocolatey flavour but I figured this would be the only non-sickeningly sweet one. I give it a 10/10, it's super!

     I would also like to give a shoutout to Lukasz for makin' it for me ;)

     Next come the face masks. I went into Lush for testers of these masks but was told I had to actually buy something before I could be given free samples. I chose Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake because I have acne prone skin and acne scars to deal with and those two have been recommended for that. 

     I started with Cosmetic Warrior simply because I'm a work-now-party-later person and the Cosmetic Warrior has garlic in it. It did not smell nice. I gave this 3-4 tries over 10-12 days and didn't really like it. It did nothing for my skin and left it feeling uncomfortably dry and tight. They gave me two little tubs of each so this brand new tiny tub will probably sadly go in the bin :/. 

     As for the Cupcake mask (which I heard of again through the lovely missglamorazzi), this is a delight! Not only does it smell, ahem, lush, but it also leaves my skin feeling super soft, very clean, and both looking and feeling very refreshed and brightened. It really does smell of cupcake batter and I look like some sort of mud-wrestler when I have it on my face but I love it so much! I will definitely be repurchasing this mask. Also, Lush have a deal where if you return five full size black tubs you get a mask for free!

     These masks have to be refrigerated but that's no problem for me. It just means that they are paraben-free and thus need cool temperatures to preserve them! Xx

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