Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Haul??? (Also, first blogsale haul everrr)

     Soooo as you can tell from the title, this is my first purchase EVER from a blog sale! Thank you Charli Bruce for these items, they have found a loving new home! ha

     FIrst is the Elf nail varnish in Purple Dream. I believe I got this for 75p I think? Hence why I couldn't resist. I looove monochrome and especially purple, it's the colour of mystery! I haven't used it yet but I'll be sure to post a Nail of the Day when I do. 

     Next is pretty much the reason why I made a purchase from the blogsale anyway, the week I bought this I had been searching the Nars website, eBay, Amazon, you name it looking for the Angelika blush/bronzer duo (with Laguna). I had seen it that week in someone's video and went ":O oh my goodness" because:

a) I've always wanted to try laguna 
b) I'm not a fan of Orgasm and I'd only seen it paired with that in a duo whereas Angelika is a blue/pink which is right up my alley! 
c) I prefer the duo because I know I'll hit pan faster/get my money's worth faster. 

Angelika is quite sparkly but it actually wears nicely on the cheeks and is more subtle than you'd think it is!

     Alas I couldn't find anyone selling a duo but I did find Charli selling Angelika by itself for £10. I decided that that was as good as it was gonna get and bought the damn thing! I love it, it reminds me so much of Dame by MAC which was the first MAC blush I've ever owned and oh-so-flattering! They look so pinky in the pan but on the face they turn plummy and warm! I cannot stress how much of a staple this shade is for me <3

     Last item from the blogsale is a mini BadGal by Benefit mascara. I haven't used this in probably 3 years and I've been wanting to pick it up again. So when I saw it going for £3 in the blogsale I decided that it was now or never. I'm sure you're all familiar with this as it's been out for over a decade. I haven't used it yet because I'm still going through my Maxfactor and my Avon mascaras so I'm really anxious to use this again and see what I think of it now!

     I have two more items to feature in this post. The first is from Asos and it's a self-adjusting cheek colour. Yep, it looks different on everyone depending on your skin's own pH level. I'd first seen this kind of technology, if you will, in Smashbox's O-Glow cheek stain which i thought was pretty cool. This version from Stila caught my eye not too long ago and I wanted a piece of the action! It retails at £13 which is pretty steep and SUCH a gimmick but hey, I'm only human ^^. Plus I needed to buy one more thing to get free shipping so there! haha

     It came packed in its own black Asos box with white fluffy stuff inside too. Fancy shmancy.

     As I got two pink blushes at around the same time I had to compare them! On its own Angelika looks super pinky but when you put it next to the Stila, you can see how warm/plummy it actually is. When swatched next to each other the contrast is even more evident. I waited 10 minutes after swatching so that the Stila colour can adjust to my skin tone and I'm actually really pleased that my pH level turned it a lilac-y pink! <3

     Last, but not least, are these false lashes which I picked up from Primark for £1. One pound? Could not resist, especially since that's probably how much they cost to make anyway! I figure I can cut each lash in two and use them as corner lashes for 25p each. That way I won't feel guilty when they tear/break after a night out. 

     As for my controversial 'Last Haul' title, it's true, I won't be buying any more makeup :'( dun dun duuuuuuuun. HOWEVER, I do have three exceptions!! 
1- I can buy something if it's in a limited edition collection (I'm awaiting MAC's Naturally like nothing else!)
2- I can replace a used-up item if I don't have any other version of it in my bag
3- If something I'm reallyyyy after is in a blogsale

     Will I make it? I think I will, haha I HOPE I will =p Self discipline here I come! Xx