Monday, January 2, 2012

What's On My Mind

     As you might've guessed, this is not going to be a beauty-related post. If you are after anything beauty related, I suggest you don't waste your time reading any further. Instead I am going to do a more traditional blog post, a personal one. It's about time as well I think! Ha.. 

     I feel like my thoughts are jumbled up today and I want to talk about things I'm concerned about and get them off my chest so to speak. Before I was a beautyholic, I was an academic. I was a full-time student at uni doing politics and economics or IR. I loved my degree and I loved my uni, but alas nothing lasts forever. I had unforeseen circumstances arise, 'life' happened and I am no longer in said uni or doing my degree. It's really tough to be in this position and see your mates finishing up their degrees and moving on. I know that I've done a lot of work and am truly passionate about my studies so I am looking into finishing online at the Open University, which isn't ideal but that's my best option so far. 
     I sometimes feel really lost and frustrated as anyone in my position would. Today a close friend of mine who was on my course sent me a link to online university lectures uploaded to YouTube and I just watched a Lisa Anderson video from the course titled Conceptual Foundations of International Politics at Columbia University. The lecture was titled Contending Theories and Policy Choices. It felt incredibly wonderful to sit and listen to her talk about policy makers, American political figures and give a background about dominant political theories. Wow. A breath of fresh air. 
     I want to know that I will be okay and that I will finish my degree at a reasonable price and that my dream of working at a think tank and being a research analyst of sorts (I know, thought there wasn't more to me than make-up did ya? :p i kid, i kid) is not gone or beyond me. I know these things aren't but I can't help it as I'm a worrier by nature. It's scary and daunting. I hope for 2012 to see me on my way to finishing my degree and hopefully finding my path and the right career choice. I'm sure a lot of people my age worry about this as well and share the same feelings. Watching that video also made me dream of getting a postgraduate degree at Columbia! Ha dare to dream indeed :p Never say never, haven't you watched the Bieber flick? ahahaha
     Anyway, that's pretty much the bulk of it. I do feel better after writing this all down. Here's to the new year and to making dreams come true <3 


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