Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nutri Heat by Trevor Sorbie Review

     I bought this hair dryer back in October and never used this feature until last week :O I know. I was so skeptical about it as the box reads: Nourishes with silk proteins as you dry.

Yea, right.

     It's supposed to have rose hip extract (anti-oxidant), hydrolyzed silk proteins (repair dry damaged hair), vitamin PP (hair strength and elasticity) and vitamin B6 (soften and detangle). Who would believe such mumbo jumbo? So I ignored that for four months, boy was I foolish.
     This hairdryer is AMAZING. It honestly left my hair so much smoother, silkier and slightly less frizzy than normal. I am really impressed by this new technology from Trevor Sorbie, who was four times British hairdresser of the year. 

     What you do is you change the nozzle from the normal clear plastic one to the grey plastic one and you insert one of the four individual 'capsules' into the middle section with the plastic tweezers that come in the box. This was an introductory offer/box so it included the four capsules and the tweezers. 
     Make sure the capsule is secured in its slot and just start drying! I'm not sure how long each capsule lasts but I'm assuming quite a few washes as mine didn't shrink or anything after the first use. 
     This retails at £39.99 but I got mine for £14.99 from TK Maxx!! Seriously, LOVE that store. Xx


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