Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Around Londres

     Today was a much needed catch-up day in London with one of my really good friends. We hadn't seen each other in 2-3 months and had so much to talk about. I got a skinny short caramel macchiato from Starbucks for my train journey into the city. Those lipstick marks are from MAC's Offshoot from their MAC ME OVER collection if memory serves me correctly.

Can you see the airplane?? :D

     This is the Texas Embassy near Trafalgar Square which has been converted into a steakhouse. I'm DYING to go there. I'd love to spend the fourth of July or Thanksgiving there! I'm hoping their Tex-Mex is amazing haha.

      Trafalgar Square!!!!

      Inside the National Portrait Gallery there were painters set up in front of various paintings doing replicas. I thought it was so cool and serene. 

     I took the tube to Embankment and when I got out and looked behind me, I saw the tip of the London Eye and Millennium Bridge =) Love London

      We were crazy enough to rent out Barclays Bike Hire bikes and go around London. Yep. We started out through Kensington park and when we got to Kensington high street, we had a now or never moment and went on the main road! Traffic and all, it was such a thrill! Such fun but hella scary too O.o

      We walked through South Kensington (or the French Quarter as I like to call it) and after that bike ride, I was starving and eyeing up those cookies! 

      We settled for a café across from the station and I got a blueberry + strawberry smoothie which was SO hydrating. The perfect thing to quench our thirst! She got a raspberry + strawberry one. I had some penne napoli as well.

     We parted ways there and I decided to walk half the way back to Victoria and as I was making my way over, I came across this Chanel boutique down the road! It was such a chic and lovely surprise. Xx


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