Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekender (+Glossybox)

     Time for another Weekender post! 

     Friday saw me chillin at home catching up on Project Runway and having a Twix! ha
I looove Project Runway and I am really against the new judges/mentor for All Stars. I guess maybe they want to eliminate the possibility of bias in the original ones and have a new pair of eyes judge the designers?

I also caught up on some reading. I started When God Was A Rabbit, which I got for Christmas, and while it's different to what I expected, I do like it so far. I also got Cosmo cuz I heart Scarlett!

More snacking: Jolly Rancher gummies from the US of A! Thanks Erin! :*

Got ma hair 'did

I heart this song 

Saturday I uploaded my first ever beauty Youtube video, and went to laser quest!

Sunday I went down to one of my friends and I's favourite pubs and acoustic music venues ever, The Halfmoon in Putney where we saw the Ryan O'Reilly band for the umpteenth time. 

Last but not least, I got my Glossybox today (Monday) but I really really wanted to put it up!

I was disappointed that my products didn't come individually wrapped and that I got candy instead of chocolate (I'd sneaked a look at a couple bloggers' reviews) but at least I love 4/5 of the products! This is also my first order since I updated my Beauty Profile and I'm very pleased! 
Murad Primer 
FAB Body Wash
Weleda 2-in-1 cleanser and toner
Eyeko plum liner
Orly 'Ruby' polish

I am living off of a tiny primer sample at the moment so am in desperate need of a new one.The polish was the product I wasn't pleased with as it is way too yellow-toned for my liking. The FAB cleanser I got in the December box worked great at first but now I think it's breaking me out, but I'm sure this body wash will be alright. And I'm so excited to try something by Eyeko, I've heard so much about the brand! As for the Weleda, I'm in LOVE with their almond facial oil so am really excited to try this! Xx


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