Sunday, April 22, 2012

NOTD- OPI's Nomad's Dream

Today I have on (incase you didn't read the title ^^) OPI's Nomad's Dream!!! 

It's a duo-chrome pearly cream colour with the slightest hints of purple and green!
This is such a gorgeous shade, it makes me think of summers by the beach, swimming in the sea, warm sunny afternoons, you catch my drift...

It would look awesome paired with a white bikini and golden jewellery (and a tan)!

In a nutshell, this polish makes nails look like chic, elegant seashells!

As you can see, this polish also tends to show brush strokes when dry, much like other duo-chrome (or metallic) polishes. :/ This picture was taken after a few days' wear to show the 'seashell' effect. 

I'm actually quite surprised at how I've never seen this polish in a magazine or on a blogpost before. I found it a year ago in a clearance bin (:O who would pass up such a beaut?!) and I'm so glad that it's not limited edition. 

Because it's duo-chrome, when you look at the nails dead-on, they can look dull/matte like in this last picture.  



  1. nice colour, i love opi as a brand, their nail varnish last for aggeesss, your blog is just so lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

    (open to all)