Friday, January 6, 2012

New Look Accessories Haul !!


     Haul haul haul! Oh how we love hauls (at least I do)! 
     I have had to resist shopping for the past few months (hence my mini boots hauls and topshop gift vouchers) but I was finally able to splash some cash on some much needed accessories to give my wardrobe a new look. Let's get started!
     First off is this gorgeous yellow 'curvy' bag £8.99.
I'm thinking spring/summer '12 with this pastel yellow.  I was so attracted to the light cheery colour and think it's quite different, sweet and fresh! I use small cross-body bags when I'm not at work and have only had one flowered canvas vintage-look cross-body bag for the past few months so I'm grateful for this yellow option in the mix.
The scarf is an obvious Alexander McQueen knock-off and at £7.99, who can say no? A couple of my mates are obsessed with those and I think I bought this because a) I only have one scarf at the moment, b) I love the light elegant beige and cream colours, and c) it reminds me of my mates whom I miss so much! 
     Onto the shoes! I've been mostly living on some 2-inch biker boots I'd gotten from Office a year ago since they're comfy, black and go with pretty much everything. As you can imagine I've gotten pretty sick of them and saw these gorgeous suede 'liar' (don't ask, that's what New Look calls them) wedge ankle boots at £24.99. I can so see these being my new every day boots which would match with many an outfit. They're super comfy too and wide-fit as I have (you guessed it) wide feet!
     I saw those gorgeous red pumps for £12.99 and when I tried them on they fit like a glove. They're cheap enough that I won't have to wear them a million times to justify them and they're good for adding a pop of colour to a drab outfit in the coming months! I have curved feet as well so standard flat shoes actually hurt the soles of my feet if I'm walking in them all day but these are the perfect height to tread around in. I miss having bright red shoes, they add both spunk and attitude.
     Lastly, onto ze socks. I have a couple of ankle-length shoes where my socks show whenever I wear them and I have to seriously consider what socks to wear to avoid the homeless look as I like to call it =p When I'm wearing just any socks it looks really not put-together and quite, well, homeless! Hence why those frilly socks appealed so much to me. They'll look gorgeous peeking out of my shoes. They were 3 for £4 so I picked up two as well as some black ones with white birds on them which I'm planning to wear with the red pumps occasionally. I think that would be quite an eclectic and edgy look. I picked up those £2.99 70 denier tights because I wear black ones nearly every day and I am starved for variety! They should make my outfits less gloomy and more cheery as we head on into spring and summer! Xx