Sunday, January 22, 2012

Golden Eye

     Today I decided to go for a golden-y summer/sunset eye look because, well, I simply can't wait 'til summertime! 

     I'm really pleased with how the look turned out and decided to share it with you. I used four products (no primer). First was the MAC Frost eyeshadow in Dreammaker. This came in a travel-look box which I picked up from the MAC store at Heathrow a year ago. I got it for £27 and I'm not sure if prices have gone up or not. I think they released these for a limited time online, but they should be permanent at airports. Anyway, it's a gorgeous shimmery golden colour which screams beach-y sunset!

     I then lined my eyes with Benefit's Automatic Eyeliner Duo Pencil in Gabbi or 'downtown brown'. When I bought this a year ago I was very disappointed with how it did not show up on my waterline at all and wasn't pigmented or smooth enough for my liking. It remained untouched and unloved in my drawer until a couple of months ago when I decided to go for a subtle lined/smokey eye look and fell in love with it!!! While I still can't use it on my waterline, I find that if I warm it up on my hand it becomes smooth and applies easily on my lids and I can control how dark or subtle I want the colour to be. I now love using this for a subtle-yet-smokey brown eye. 

     The brown line was still very harsh at that point so I reached for my trusty golden-y brown Galapagos shadow by Nars and applied it over the brown and then smudged and smoked it out onto the lid to create a nicely blended effect. Lastly, I used my Nouveau Lashes mascara, which came in the December Glossybox, to further define the eye. Again, I was very disappointed with this mascara when I first tried it because it dried on the lashes SO QUICKLY and if you apply a lot it makes the lashes so hard and flakey. The trick is to go over one eye a few quick times and then move on to the other eye and leave it at that. It creates natural defined lashes. It's alright but I doubt I'd ever buy this. 

     There you have it, this is my golden-summer eye look of the day =) Xx


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