Monday, January 9, 2012

Lip Combo Discovery!

     Don't you love when you discover a fantastic new lip combo you never knew u had?
Here's one I happened upon today as I was looking for a peachy shimmery nude lip colour after watching missglamorazzi and amarixe 's new MAC haul video.
     Ingrid, or missglamorazzi, was wearing the tour de fabulous lip gloss over the flamingo lipstick from her haul. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now! I am a huge fan of these two girls and Ingrid hadn't done a beauty haul in AGES.
     Anyway, back to the lipcolour! I put on Bare Mineral's Parfait lipstick which I had picked up last Christmas. It's a great nude matte lipstick, but I find it has dried out a little and now have to warm it up on my hand first or else my lips get flakey and dry.
     Then I reached for my Chanel rouge coco lipstick in #78 Peregrina. I picked this up last February after I had had ENOUGH of the ads for this line! Haha I caved and as I was passing the Chanel counter, couldn't resist taking one home. I chose this shimmery peachy shade because I don't have a peach lipstick and decided I needed one. Right I was as here I am, 11 months later discovering a great combo for it!
      I think these two look like a beautiful every day shimmery peachy nude look which I'm going to wear to work and on days off, whenever really! It would suit a simple eye look as well as a dark grey/black smokey one. Love love love this! Xx


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