Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glossybox Top Picks!

     This is a post I've been wanting to do for ages and finally got around to it! I was over the moon when I got to register for a Glossybox subscription a few months ago and am in love. I've seen reviews for similar brands such as Carmine and the Feel Unique box but I have yet to be convinced that their products are better than Glossybox's! I also have to mention that I haven't yet used my Deborah Lipmann nail varnish remover samples or my Nouveau Lashes mascara because a) I already have four open mascaras I'm currently using and I'm always careful to replace them every four months and b) I'm saving the nail varnish samples for when I go on holiday because it's more efficient! Ha
     Right let's get started, my number one product would have to be the Caudalie Vinosource cream. This is the first cream based product I've tried that actually feels like a serum!
I am amazed. It's paraben free and feels so smooth, light and luscious on the skin. Caudalie's cofounder was featured in last month's US edition of Marie Claire magazine where she talked about using her family vineyards in France to create natural grape-based products because of their antioxidant properties! Love love love it.
     Next would be the Stila smudgestick waterproof liner in Moray. It's a gorgeous olive shade with golden specks in it. This is my go-to liner for days when I have to literally rush out in two minutes. It stays put all day and creates a lovely alluring effect on the eyes! I can't wait to try this product in other shades. Thirdly is the Dead Sea Spa Magik bath salts. I never really got into bath salts and was truly amazed at how these tiny granules transformed my bathwater into a calming, relaxing experience. I didn't even need to use a lot of it! It didn't really have a scent and the granules dissolved instantly. Great product. 
     After that is the Rituals Yogi Flow Indian rose and almond oil bath foam. This product oozes out of the top so be careful to only squeeze out a little bit to prevent an overflowing amount in your palm! It smells amazing and I honestly would not have gone out and tried this simply because Rituals' brand never attracted or impressed me. They have now! 
     Lastly is the Deborah Lipmann Razzle Dazzle polish. I'm sure you've heard and read a lot of this with the buzz it caused in the online community so I will save you the babble and say this: I'd been wanting to try a Deborah Lipmann polish and this came just in time for the holidays! 
     Can't wait to see what the January Glossybox will have! I've also just updated my beauty profile so I'm hoping for a much more customised box this time, fingers crossed! Xx


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