Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nail Rock Review

     This is a review for the Nail Rock packet I got in my October Glossybox which I finally got around to using! 

     When I first saw these in my Glossybox I thought 'what is this?' cuz it's something that I was never interested in nor cared for. But thennn I realized that that's what Glossybox is all about, trying stuff you never would've on your own time right? 
     A few days ago I couldn't be bothered to repaint my nails so I whipped these out and gave 'em a whirl. They come in different sizes with one curved end and one flat end. You're supposed to guess which size would fit each of your fingernails best and place them carefully starting at the base of your nail. Once you're happy with it, press down firmly until it looks something like this:

     This is where I faced trouble: trimming the sticker to the right size. It says to trim it close then tuck the edge under the nail and file the edge of the nail. I did not do that. Why? 'Cuz most of my nails were so short at the time! Nonetheless, my pinky and ring fingers were PERFECT. I used facial scissors to trim the sticker to fit. They stayed on rather well considering it's a sticker after all and I was quite impressed with them. I am definitely more likely to try 'em in the future, but I do recommend you file them down! So make sure you only use them if all your fingernails are pretty long. That's what I learned from this ;)  Xx


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