Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nail Polish Haul!! (, Boots)

     As promised, here's my ASOS haul! I had a couple of clothing items as well but I've returned them, so here's what's left of it: three gorgeous nail polishes!!! You already know Designer, De Better from my Nail of the Day post two days ago. Because of its shimmer, it doesn't go on as glossy as normal colours but I still love it. It's just so sparkly, fun, exciting and party-ready!

     Then there's the Kardashian Kolor shades! If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I love the Kardashians. Like most girls my age I admit that I am addicted to their show. I used to judge people who watched it and thought of it as the lowest of low... then I watched an episode. Haha I think they're just so silly and loveable. Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall are my faves <3 To me Kourtney is so down to earth and outgoing, Khloé is so confident and speaks her mind, and Kendall is so sweet and youthful. 
      I got All Kendall-ed Up because it's such a gorgeous almost-fuschia deep pink colour which will look amazing, especially during the summer! It's kind of like Ice Cream Cake by MAC but deeper/darker. Then I got Kourt Is Red-y For A Pedi because whenever I've seen Kourtney in pictures she's more often than not wearing this beautiful alluring deep red colour. WOWZA I'm love with the shade! I think it's so perfect that she chose to make this one of her colours (or should I say, Kolors? ha!) because its such a staple of hers and now mine as well! As a side note, I wanted to get Kim-pletely in Love because it looked like a really pretty baby pink but it was sold out :/ I was tempted to get the Momager colour too because I LOVE Kris Jenner but I already have OPI Ink so I don't need a dupe for it.

     Moving on to the No.7 Boots polishes. I didn't really go wild here BECAUSE they had a 3 for 2 offer and I had a £5 off voucher on top of that! I set out to get the clear top coat originally because it is cheap and so so glossy, but then the saleslady told me about the 3 for 2 offer after I'd eyed up the polishes and I thought what the heck. So these three babies ended up being £9 instead of the original £21! 
     The polish on the left is what caught my eye first. It's a spectacular deep coral with a hint of blue. Remember how I lusted after that Deborah Lippmann shade last week? I found the dupe, and bought it! It's called Crave Me #210. The middle is the Clear #120 shade, amazing affordable top coat, make sure you put two coats of it though! Last but not least is the shade on the right called Practically Perfect #150. I can't wait to try it as it looks like it will give me a very clean, polished look. If you follow me on Twitter then you would've seen my rave over the Bubble Bath polish by OPI which I found in the back of my drawer and hadn't used in ages! I can't imagine why this look didn't appeal to me in the past. Xx