Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Beauty Essentials

     Here's my 2011 beauty products roundup. These items made my year in beauty without a shadow of a doubt. Let's start with Neutrogena's Deep Clean cream cleanser. This has been my go to cleanser for the past eight years. I kid you not. Through teenage skin and now my twenties, it has seen me through. This is only available in the States nowadays so I always tell one of my mates who's going there to pick me up a couple of 'em. They retail at around $3 and last for ages as well.
They should definitely bring them to the UK.
     Next is the Bourjois Volumizer mascara. I talked about this in my Current Mascaras post so I won't go into it here again. It's basically a 2-step mascara which you can count on for thick/full lashes. Next is the OPI shade in Nomad's Dream. I don't know if this was part of a limited edition collection or not, I picked it up from a discount bin at a salon back in springtime and LOVE it. It's an opaque golden pearl colour which is so flattering and elegant!
     Then come the Green Bar products (Frangipani body oil and Face Elixir). My oh my what can I say about these babies??! Green Bar opened me up to the world of beauty oils a few years back. These are the most luscious thick and moisturising face and body oils out there (believe me, I've looked!). Since plunging into the realm of body oils, normal body lotions and creams just don't do it for me anymore. There's no going back! It's also important to note that Green Bar are also the most pure and organic oils I've tried. That's why they don't come cheap.
     MAC's cream colour base in Hush has been an intrinsic part of my beauty routine. By far my favourite and no-fail highlighter, a few of my friends got one after I did too! I would also like to note that this is the first product (MAC or otherwise!) I have ever hit pan on! Woooooo! It's a beautiful sheen that goes well with practically every look, especially for nights out! Urban Decay's primer potion has seen me through this year as well. This little tube has been going strong since April! I got it with my Naked palette (which I've lost! arrghh I know I know :( ). From reading blogposts and watching Youtube videos, I reckon Nars' primer would suit me better but hey, I won't splash out unless I'm out of primer. I've also heard Benefit's Lemonaid is great as well. 
     As for Nars' Galapagos, at the beginning of the year I shied away from brown eye looks but this has made me change my mind. Ever since Tanya Burr put up her birthday makeup tutorial and smoked it out with this shade, I've been reaching for it a lot more regularly. It's gorgeous sparkles don't really show through unless you really pat it on, but it's still a lovely rich smokey shade. Last but not least is the Wet n Wild Mega Liner in 861 Black. Again this is only found stateside at no more than $2-3 as well (I'm pretty sure it's $1.99 or $2.99) and I get my mates to pick up a few of those for me as well. This is the BEST eyeliner out there, I repeat the BEST. And with that price tag? I doubt I'll venture into other brands anytime soon! Love love love it. 
     Well that's it folks, those are my outstanding can't-live-without products of 2011! So excited for what 2012's beauty future holds! Xx


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