Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lush Bath Bombs

     This post is dedicated to my Christmas gifts from Lush! I was given Think Pink, Twilight (my all-time FAVE, it smells absolutely divine) and Satsumo Santa,
which I used yesterday. They came in the most gorgeous case which preserves them and is made from 100% recycled Lush packaging from customers who brought their used products back! The illustrations on the case melted my heart <3 so cute! The pictures of the Satsumo Santa in the bath turned out a lot more orangey than it was in real life. This was a very smooth and sweet bath bomb which I will definitely be after next festive season! It's got mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom which turned out to be a very relaxing and refreshing delicate scent. The mandarin and bergamot are also supposed to be a good combination to beat lethargy and energise you 'through all your Christmas chores' as it said on the label! Loved it.


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