Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thoughts on Mascaras I'm Currently Using

     My favourite kind of lash is very thick, voluminous and sultry (or pin-up-y =) Here are my current mascaras and what I think of them (ranked from favourite to least favourite):

Bourjois Volumizer - I started using this since July this year after Tanya Burr (or pixi2woo) raved about it in every video!
It really is awesome because it's got a bristle wand, it's thickening, and it leaves your lashes soft and not hard and plasticky. It's also a two step mascara so I take it on holiday with me incase I want a more natural look as well. This is my second tube by the way, I don't keep mascaras longer than 4 months because of ewwwww!!

MaxFactor Masterpiece Max (bottom left) - I haven't had this mascara for long at all but I already love it! It's so thickening and hardly clumps when I layer it on. I love the wispy fullness it gives and will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. I got it in the black/brown shade and I love the difference it makes, full and thick but not too harsh for every day!

MAC False Lashes (far right, with the Marcel Wanders packaging which I adore!) - the only reason this comes in third is because it transfers :( such a shame though because it gives me such thick full black lashes, but as soon as I've been out in damp weather or I've been dancing (and therefore sweating) it runs and ruins my eye makeup. I wish MAC would make a waterproof version, that would be ideal!

Loreal Telescopic (bottom right) - this is a good mascara considering its price and it's last simply because it's the least thickening. I picked it up after Blair (or Juicystar07) recommended it and said she'd been using it for the past 5 years!! It applies too goopy sometimes but once I've brushed it out it gives me a defined lash look. I'm not sure I would repurchase this anytime soon.

     Next on my list: use the Nouveau Lashes mascara that came in my December Glossybox, repurchase Bourjois Ultra Curl mascara, and CLINIQUE high impact mascara. I've been lusting after it since last winter ever since I saw Nic from pixiwoo use it and it made her look like she ha falsies on!


  1. These sound really good. I am reluctant to try anything that isnt my favourite mascara that is the Rimmel Max Flash mascara!

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  3. @Dolly DaydreamRimmel Max Flash mascara? Haven't tried it but will have a look next time I'm at Boots =)! My mates really like Rimmel but I always find their formula quite drying on the lashes. Does it make your lashes really hard and dry? X