Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Beauty Highlights <3 !!

 Christmas goodies!!! To be fair, I did ask for these as my beauty-clueless other half wouldn't have a clue where to start! I've been dying to splurge on Yankee candles and these are sensational!
Naturally, I started burning the Christmas Memories ones first. Right now I have Merry Christmas, Christmas Cookie and Christmas Cupcake burning and the room smells DIVINE. 
        I also spritzed on Naughty Alice which I've been lusting after for the past year. It smells so sweet and fun! Definitely a young flirty scent just as the name suggests! Also, once it's done I can wear the bracelet! 
     Lastly there's the Joico K-Pak which I've been so curious about ever since Fleur De Force raved about it months ago! It sort of leaked in the packaging but thank god the leakage wasn't too major! Can't wait to read and watch everyone's What I Got For Christmas posts/videos! =D Happy Holidays guys xx


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