Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skincare Review


     Today's post is about my current skincare staples. I purchased my La Roche-Posay spot treatments right after Christmas and I finally made up my mind about them, so let's start with that!

     I bought the Effaclar Duo and the Effaclar A.I., but I am only featuring the former in this post. This is because while the A.I. was meant to be the spot treatment, it honestly did nothing for my spots, if only made them more prominent, seriously. 
     As for the Duo, this one was a bit problematic at first. It says on the tube: apply on the whole face. I also watched reviews on it and they said to apply it all over the problem area. No no no. When I did that my face burned, went red and popped out tiny little bumps that weren't there before. 

     I knew that there must be another way to make this work so I rewatched the reviews and decided to use it as a spot treatment. Voíla!! IT GETS RID OF SPOTS! I got way excited and packed it on 3-4 times in one day and now am nursing burn marks on my chin :/ The spots are gone but the area is so sore :( Use in moderation! 

     Bottom line: this gets rid of my spots when I apply it on the spot only 1-2 times a day.

     Onto my next product: what I'm using to nurse said spots, Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil. I hauled this back in November and you can check that out here. I have been a lover of face and body oil for years, ever since I came across Green Bar. This facial oil is right up there (if slightly less effective) than the Green Bar facial elixir. It smells great, does NOT irritate the skin whatsoever and is lovely to put on at night and let your skin soak it up while you sleep, especially in this weather! As I said I've been applying it to my chin a couple of times a day to soothe the burn marks (still can't believe I did that, d'oh!) and it works wonders. I got mine from Feel Unique!

     I was annoyed with the dropper-application at first because I'd need to shake it a few times to get enough product for my face and neck, but it's actually very practical as I hardly ever shake out more than I need. 

     Last but not least is my Benefit It's Potent eye cream. I've been using this since August and until recently, I skipped days without applying it. That changed when I was waiting for my train a few weeks ago and leafing through a magazine. I read a quote from an interview with a youthful looking almost-30 lady and she said: my mom has been making me wear eye cream since I was eight! No wonder they mistake us for sisters!

     Jaw-drop. :O whaaaat? I used to think that eye cream was only for 30-somethings and had no idea prevention should start THAT early! Now I use my eye cream twice daily, ha! What's more is that this is actually a brightening eye cream, which I had no idea of or simply overlooked with my scepticism, but it actually works! My undereye darkness is wayyy better now as long as I keep applying this! Eye cream, you are my new best friend!

     What are your favourite eye creams?? Spot treatments? Facial oils? Xx


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