Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Faves

     Today I feel like writing a sort of questionnaire, rounding up weekly favourites. I love reading these posts as they give you a glimpse of a person's week in the form of what 'made' it for them. Here are mine:

Fave Video

     This would definitely be Elle Fowler, or AllThatGlitters21's Chanel Haul. Oh Em Gee this inspired me SO much!! Who doesn't love a bit of luxury? I miss buying products from Chanel and this reminded me of how special and awesome they are. The last thing I bought was a year ago and it was my Eclat Universelle Natural powder. I feel bad now that I threw away the pouch but that is some damn good powder! Not only does it mattify just right, it also photographs amazingly! You can see a picture of it in my 7 Deadly Beauty Sins post Don't let the shimmer in the powder deceive you, it works wonders. Anyhoo, this is Elle's video and I am SO getting the 62 Terre Epice bronzing powder come summer!!

Fave Quote
     I follow Goodreads on Facebook because I love reading and I love having a virtual bookshelf. If you're a fellow book lover then I suggest you sign up and start building your library! They post daily quotes on their Facebook page and some of them really hit home for me. This week's fave is: 

     Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail - John Donne

     This speaks worlds to me because I had such a rough year last year and I learned a lot from it, one of the main things being that you have to make yourself happy. To me, this quote means it's up to each of us to make ourselves content and see the good in our lives and the good all around us. If you don't then you are doomed to a joyless, sad existence. You in yourself have to be liberated, free and open because if you don't allow yourself those things then no one can do so for you.  

Fave Song

     Tracey Lawrence - Find Out Who Your Friends Are. This week I was reminded of how at the end of the day, you will be there for those dearest to you and you will find out who you are dearest to when they show up for you when you need them <3 I'm a country music lover and to me, this is a beautiful feel-good song.

Fave Beauty Item
     My MaxFactor Max mascara definitely shined all throughout the week (and month!). Wowza this is truly an awesome drugstore mascara. Something tells me I'll never stray far from it, it's even better than the False Lash Effect in my opinion. 

That's it for my Sunday Faves this week! What videos, songs, products, or otherwise made your week? Xx


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