Friday, February 10, 2012

Mascaras I'm Currently Using - 2

     I did a Mascaras I'm Currently Using post early on and quite enjoyed it, so here's an update!

     I'm gonna start with a non-fave to get it out of the way. I really wanted to mention it because it was so disappointing!! I got this tube of Nouveau Lashes Noir in my December Glossybox and was SO excited about it, until I used it. While the brush is alright and separates the lashes nicely, the formula dries before I've even had a chance to apply a second coat! Seriously! It also makes my lashes quite hard and plasticky which is another disappointment. I do NOT rate this mascara.

     Right, back to the faves! Again, I'm ranking them from most favourite to least favourite, so number one isssss (drumroll please!) Collection 2000 Super Size!!!!!! Who woulda thunk it? At £2.99 this is truly the underdog and it's number one because quite frankly I expected it to be complete rubbish. Little did I know it performs as well as the triple plus priced contenders! I picked it up a couple of days ago on a random stroll through Boots 'cuz it was a cheap treat, and I'm SO impressed with it. It doesn't clump, and when I layer it on it looks amazing! It makes my lashes so full and spread out. The best part is that it actually manages to keep my lashes soft all day as well, definitely my current number one! Oh, and in my last post I mentioned that they didn't have an old fave Collection 2000 curling mascara, but I spotted it in another branch today so yippee!

     Second place would be a tie between Maxfactor Max and Benefit's Bad Gal. I simply cannot choose. 

Maxfactor Max:

Great volume, doesn't flake, gives a gorgeous effect BUT it can clump sometimes. 

Benefit Badgal:
Good volume, keeps lashes soft, but the formula isn't as black as Collection 2000's Super Size therefore making it a more natural-look mascara (which I'm not a fan of).

     Last, but not least, is the Avon Supershock Max. It gives beautiful voluminous lashes if you LAYER, and I mean layer upon layer upon layer... Also, the effect doesn't last hours into the day, the lashes seem to look less voluminous/amped up as the day wears on. 

             What are your current fave mascaras? Xx


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