Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exciting News + Massive Haul!!

     If you've been reading my blog then you'll know that I had been doing work experience - until now. Today was my first day at an actual job and boy does it feel good! Since I'm going to be a 9-5 office girl, I had to make sure I looked like one so I went shopping!!
I ordered a few essential pieces of Asos, the first of which is a standard black pencil dress. At £30 this is a great staple, in fact, I'm wearing it tomorrow!

     Next is this thick textured black River Island dress, also £30, which I wore today. I LOVE it, its super comfy, looks vert stylish and girly, and is both conservative but fun. Only problem is that my hair gets caught in the zipper =( boo. Guess il have to wear my hair up with this one.

     After that there's this lime green day dress. It's a really sweet and cheery design which becomes office-ready when paired with a blazer.

     I also got this gorgeous eggshell blue cross-body bags with a bird silhouette on the clasp. I absolutely love this bag and I know I'll get a lot of use out of t over the weekends!

     Lastly I got a t-shirt Wonderbra from Asos for £16, which I HIGHLY recommend. It's comfy, supportive an affordable. What more do ya need?

     I also went shopping on Monday with my mate Holly (hi doll!) where I ended up buying a couple of things from New Look and Primark. We also went to MAC where I swatched my little heart out (pic below) and my hand ended up looking like a runover reptile. Didn't pick up anything this time tho =( roll on payday! Ha

     From the New Look, I got this AMAZing black blazer for £22! It fits great, looks awesome and makes almost any outfit office-ready, I'll definitely need to pick up a couple more in the coming months. 

     I also fell in love with this lilac flowy light tee (£8), it looks so breezy and screams summertime!

     From Primark I got a £1 hair doughnut which I can't wait to try out! I also picked up this neon thong for £1 as well, how cool is that colour? Haha I lurvvv neon. 

     Hope you enjoyed this haul! Also, new job = more hauls (hopefully)! Ha Xx