Friday, February 3, 2012


     I am over the moon and so excited to be writing this post!!! Why? Because ever since I saw MissGlamorazzi and Amarixe's haul video, I have been DYING to get my mitts on the Naturally collection by MAC. I went over to the MAC counter a few weeks back asking when it was coming to the UK and they said the 1st of Feb. I was SO tempted to buy them online for fear they would sell out but thank the Lord i didn't, because I was set on getting Sweet Sunrise and A Perfect Day lipsticks. When I tried them on in the shop yesterday they made me look like the walking dead. I was also gonna get the Daylight and Cloudy Afternoon shadows, but they turned out too frosty for my liking. And lastly, when I swatched the Blond MSF it was WAY too frosty for my liking (and skin tone). Swatch first, ladies!!

     As for the items I did get, let's start with the MSF, Redhead. I wasn't lusting after it or anything, it just looked awesome on Ingrid and I am a sucker for MSFs so I went for it. If you read my 7 Deadly Beauty Sins post then you will remember my Chanel golden/brown highlighter. Whereas both the Chanel and Redhead are golden-y highlighters, they are different in comparison. Redhead has salmon pink shades to it while the Chanel has brown ones. Just means I'll have two options come summer! 

     As for the eyeshadows, thank you Leona at MAC who helped me think rationally and pick the suitable ones! ha
     I am a sucker for taupey shades, let alone taupey browny purply ones, which is exactly what Twilight Falls is. How gorgeous is that deep, rich mysterious-looking shade? I LOVE it and can so see myself smoking it out or lining my eyes with it. 
     Summer Haze is the other product I was after because of Ingrid. She pulls it off so well and while I know I have larger eyes and can't quite wear it like she does, it's still a gorgeous peachy golden highlight which I can use in many ways on both eyes and face! 

     That is it for my MAC Naturally Haul, I feel so relieved and happy that I've seen it in the flesh and selected the suitable products for me from the collection. I still kinda want the Subtle Breeze shadow but it's honestly just a satin pink shade. I already just bought two pinks earlier this month so it would be such an unjustified purchase if I got it. However, if I see it in a blogsale... ;) Xx

(Swatches L-R, Summer Haze, Twilight Falls, Redhead)

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  1. it's a really nice collection, and you purchased great shades of colour! love the brownish one :) so jelous so find mac so easily in the Uk, in Italy we have just one or two shop, in the whooole country!