Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NOTD - A Tad Too Indecisive (Barry M, OPI, Essie, No 7 and MAC)

So today I was taking off (most of) my red nail polish and couldn't decide which of the four colours I'd picked out to go for next... So I used them all!

Right Hand:
 Index + Thumb: Barry M in 318 Peach Melba
Middle: OPI in Desinger DeBetter
Ring and Pinkie: No.7 in Practically Perfect 150

Left Hand:
Thumb, Index and Middle: MAC's Myth nail laquer
Ring and Pinkie: Essie's Lolipop

I'm SO pleased with how crazy yet coordinated these colours are on my hands! I'm also super excited to have used my new MAC Myth polish for the first time. First impression: not as streaky as previous MAC nail polishes I've owned but becomes perfectly opaque in about 4 thin coats. 

Essie has always been a hit and miss brand for me. It's really crap with longevity but has lovely colours.. I heard the new bottles in Boots and Superdrug have a larger brush which causes less streakage and just gives an all over better application.. Intriguing.

OPI is always a dream. <3 

The No.7 shade was super sheer and took 4-5  thick coats and it still wasn't opaque! Ha whatevs. I still like it :) Glad I got it on offer... It's a very clean cut/professional creamy off-white colour. I don't think I could ever have both my hands' fingernails painted this shade - too boring for me! Ooo this could actually be a good base for some nail art ;)

Barry M's Peach Melba is THE shade of summer for me. Or at least one of my top 2. It's super creamy and goopy but becomes opaque very quick! It's better than Essie in terms of chipping and is just a great value for money polish!



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