Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Death of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Yep, the time has come. I have tried to resist but it is no longer working - my Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation must die.

Why the dramatics? Well, simply because my bottle of B20 is very dear to me. A close friend whom I miss terribly gave me this foundation 10 months ago because it didn't suit her <3 Sentimental feelings aside, it is one of the BEST foundations I have ever used. And really, who chucks away a perfectly good high end foundation?? Me. 

A couple of months ago I read in a blog, or heard in a video, that it had parabens. *Gasp! No!* I immediately denied it - pushed the thought out of my brain. As weeks went by however, I couldn't make myself forget this heinous fact. 

So today I googled its ingredients and lo, THREE different kinds of parabens, three!! For shame :( and one of them was listed towards the middle of the list which means there's a higher quantity of it! I shall link the page I found it on HERE and you can check it out if you like. 

A comment by 'Helen' really hit home for me so I replied thanking her. While I know the silkiness, lightness and demi-matte finish which stays on for 12 hours will surely be missed, I'm not compromising my health any longer. I hope you guys don't either Xx

Blended out on the right side of my hand. Excuse the veiny-ness :/ thin skinF
ps. I immediately washed it off after I blended it! I swatched out of habit! *sigh* ha :p


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