Saturday, May 5, 2012

Haul - Review - MAC dupe, Weleda, Topshop makeup and more!

This post will just be an excited rant about my new beloved items! A first for me is buying the full-size of a sample I'd gotten in a beauty box a few months ago, wanna know what it is? 

It's Weleda's One-Step Cleanser and Toner!

I got a mini 10ml sample of this a couple of months back and absolutely loved it. 

"Deep cleansing and clarifying action. Balances and refreshes. Contains witch hazel extract. Normal to combination skin".

It's perfect for those nights when you get in bed and think 'oh crap I have to take off my makeup and wash my face'. I kept my sample on my bedside table and reached for it on those tired nights. All you do is soak a cotton pad with it and wipe over your face, you might want to give it a little shake first! Sometimes I like to finish off with a light mist of water spray like Avene's. I haven't used it on my eyes though and I'm not sure if I will, I'd just use my Bioderma Cleansing Water for that. My only negative to it would be the heaviness of the glass bottle it comes in. I would NOT be able to travel with this, hmmm maybe I can just decant it into the little sample one! *lightbulb* haha

Bottom line: it's affordable at £9.99 for a 100ml bottle which will last ages. It's soothing and doesn't irritate my skin, and it's perfect for a quick and efficient cleanse.

Also at Boots they had Nivea's Firming Body Oil on offer for half price! £3.31 for a 200ml body oil? Yes please! I trust Nivea because they're a reputable skincare brand, and I of course made sure it didn't have parabens before I put it in my basket. I used it yesterday and am in love! It has a very subtle scent and is super moisturising. For the price, brand and quantity, I love this bargain, especially as my Aveeno creamy oil is running out! 

Next I headed to Topshop as its about damn time I picked up Saddle eyeliner which Zoe from Zoella keeps raving about, as well as a lipstick and nail polish which she also can't stop saying good things about either!

I got:

Saddle eyeliner £4
Ceramic lip liner £5
Rumour Has It lipstick £8
Missile nail polish £6
Nice N' Neutral nail polish £5
and Lash Catcher Mascara in Black Cat £10

Left: Rumour Has It lipstick  Right: Ceramic lipliner

I got Ceramic as I imagined it to be a good dupe for MAC's Spice lipliner (which I've never had) to go with my new Spice lipstick! It's super creamy, and unlike my Bourjois lipliner, when I apply it straight onto dry lips it doesn't make them even flakier. Instead it moisturises them and turns into a sort of tinted matte lip balm! Props to Topshop's lipliner formulation!

I got the polishes because I imagine them to be good dupes for Essie's Blue Azur and Chinchilly, which I've been eyeing for months. And honestly, Essie's quality is quite bad in my opinion in terms of chipping and streakiness, especially for £7.99 a pop, so Topshop is such a good option instead. I put on Nice N' Neutral on Friday and posted a Nail of the Day as well! Check it out for pictures and a review HERE!

I bought Rumour Has It because I've been SO curious to try Topshop lipsticks thanks to Zoe's obsession and I knew this was a safe shade to get because I will surely use it up! It was so creamy when I swatched the tester in store too, awesome quality!!

Lastly, the Lash Catcher mascara was another influenced purchase from a video by FleurDeForce back in Febtuary where I could not stop looking at how full and defined her lashes looked! In the description bar she (thankfully!) listed her mascara and this was the one she had on! It's sold out online so there was no way I could pass it up when I saw loads of it in the Westfields Topshop!

Then comes my 'ol pal MAC! There are FOUR new collections out, yes four!

Reel Sexy
Hey Sailor! Face
Fashion Sets
and Hey Sailor! Colour

Wowza I initially went in there for a new bottle of Cleanse Off Oil as I'm almost out (and of course to have a nosey around the new stuff) but I didn't think I'd walk out with three additional items, and they are:

Dupe alert!! Topshop's Rumour Has It and MAC's Spice!

Spice Lipstick (satin) finish

Left: Rumour Has It, Center: Ceramic lipliner, Right: Spice Lipstick

Spice is the only shade in the Fashion Sets collection where the lipstick itself is limited edition. Spice is also the number one lip liner color across CONTINENTS meaning its a universal shade. It's a gorgeous brown mauve shade, and considering my recent blogpost, I'm all about that! It's like Offshoot's sister! Sooo good. I couldn't pass it up.

I included this pic to show how brown these shades can look in different lighting. Spice and Ceramic go so well together while Rumour Has It looks more shimmery and glossy.

And again the swatches in different lighting to get a better idea of their 'true shade'.

By The Sea body oil in Seaside

This was such an impromptu purchase. When I was looking at the collections online I completely gazed past these oils as I never buy cosmetic body oils (only skincare ones) - until the lady at MAC, Catherine, said she picked them up after I'd asked her what she got from the collections.

I thought oooo, if she got them they must be good! I tried both shades on my arm and they were SO glossy, smooth and lustrous! The deep bronzy shade is called Man Rays but I opted for the light shimmery one 'Seaside' as I'm more of a bright sheen girl than a deep tan girl. It's so smooth and has a subtle sweet fragrance. I can so see myself slathering this on for a warm summer day when all you wear is a tank top and shorts! I highly recommend this! Oh! And Catherine said it absorbs completely into the skin after a few minutes so it won't stain your clothes!

Myth nail laquer

I've been on the lookout for a new neutral nail colour as well as some more MAC nail laquers because while they are streaky at first, they become completely creamy and opaque by the third coat, so I was delighted to find both those things in one! My hands can look very dark in comparison to the rest of my body if my nail polish is a tad too light, but when I held it up to my hand, Myth turned out to be the perfect in-between. I hope I an say the same for when I actually try it on! 

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

I have had such a love/hate relationship with this product. I bought it last summer and used it regularly- then got sick of it. A couple of months ago however, I had enough of using a cotton pad to wipe off my makeup and wanted to actually wash it off... So I reached for my cleanse off oil and haven't put it down since. I am down to the last drop of my first one! While it almost always leaves an oily residue on my eyes which makes my sight blurry for about 3-5 minutes afterwards, I think it's totally worth it. Washing off my makeup definitely makes me feel like I truly got rid of my foundation, mascara, you name it and the oil makes my face feel more moisturised. This is a great product, and what's more, you can return it along with 5 other products for a free lipstick! Holla!

And THAT concludes my haul! Phew! From the Hey Sailor! Colour collection I did want the Jaunty frost eyeshadow but decided I've splurged enough. And from the Reel Sexy collection I SO wanted the matte blush called Pink Cult, but again my finances stopped me. It is a GORGEOUS shade which looks like a darker Dame. Dame is a light lilac pink blush from MAC as well!I must say that while I'm a lot poorer as a result, I couldn't be happier :) I live but to enjoy my beauty products! Xx


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