Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Longlost Compadré

I bought MAC's Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 a year ago, and after months in the back of my drawer I whipped it out last week as summer is upon us. My pretty much daily use of the Garnier BB cream has made this product really stand out because it's nowhere near as greasy and gives a lot more coverage! I love it.

I reach for my Studio Moisture Tint when I can't be bothered to apply full-on foundation in the mornings and just want some fuss-free coverage. I usually apply two layers of it on as one just isn't enough to both last me the day and get the benefit of the SPF 15. (Do you know that you're actually supposed to apply a shotglass worth of sunscreen to your face every day?! :O ). I'm not sure if it's paraben-free as I bought it a year ago, before I found out what parabens were! I'll check the ingredients on the box before I repurchase fo sho.

It absorbs really well onto the skin.
I don't need to powder straight away.
It is quite long wearing for a tinted moisturiser, I'd say 4-5 hours before it starts to wear off a little (and I have combination skin!).
I love the way it smells! It's such a clean yet sophisticated scent!
Good coverage considering it is a tinted moisturiser.

This is a depotted travel size of my Medium shade. I would describe it as a true beige colour. 

I love this so much because I can feel it on my skin when I put on two layers . It really gives me the reassurance that my face is (hopefully) protected and shielded.

When the weather is warmer it can feel a bit heavy on my face.
It has a low SPF.

The reason it stands out to me against the BB Cream is that the latter is really just an enhanced primer. It's not made specifically as a decent-coverage tinted moisturiser. That distinction really became apparent to me once I started using my MAC Studio Moisture Tint again.

This tube has less than 30% left so I would love to get another to chuck in my work bag and reapply during the day! SPF 15 wears off quickly u know :/

I wear the colour Medium which is a bit too dark for my NW15-20 skin, but adds the right amount of colour to my face without being OTT.
Tinted moisturisers are for the warmer months anyway and I'd like some colour on my face thank you very much! It goes hand in hand with deeper bronzers. 

Bottomline: MAC Studio Moisture Tint is a very moisturising and quite a long wearing alternative to full on foundation. It's easily applied with fingers and is nowhere near as greasy as Garnier's BB Cream. I can leave the house without powdering for a good couple of hours! Xx


  1. Great review. I'd like to try this out when summer comes. I usually use studio sculpt, but it gives quite a heavy coverage xx

    1. Yea, I agree. Studio Sculpt would be too heavy for the scorching months! Let me know how u get on if u try it! xx

  2. I really want to try this! I love light formulas :) x