Sunday, May 6, 2012

May She Said BeautyBox - I love it!

This post is a redemption post for She Said Beauty. I really disliked last month's box and in a nutshell, described it as 'meh'. 

May's box really changed my opinion and genuinely put a smile on my face, not 'meh' at all this month!

The Kim Kardashian perfume sample rollerball

My best friend bought this a year ago when it came out and it smells lush! It's very jasmine-y with a little muskiness to it. This scent can borderline on 'granny' just like the ever so popular Elie Saab fragrance, but I still love it! I'd been meaning to purchase a bottle this month, but lo and behold She Said Beauty gave me some to hold me out! And what's more I can use the discount code for 40% off !! Cheers! 

The Vintage Cosmetic Company false lashes

While I've been neglecting falsies recently, seeing these gorgeous natural wispy ones really made me want to go back to wearing some! Gorgeous packaging and gorgeous lashes, hope the quality is up there as well! They're made from human hair and remind me so much of the amazing Ardell Demi Wispies, except with prettier packaging ^^ I wonder if 'Betty' is the name of the style?

Inika Certified Vegan Lip Whip in Peach

I quite like the name 'lip whip', definitely gives me high hopes for this product! "Our creamy formula glides on smoothly whilst delivering a whip of essential nutrients to keep your lips soft and kissable". 

This comes on very sheer and shiny! It's great to slick on when you're on the go. Despite the colour looking very pigmented when swatched, it doesn't apply that pigmented at all. They weren't kidding about the 'glides on smoothly' bit, it definitely delivers! 

This brand was featured in the last Glossybox as well, how curious. I received the Inika Black Kohl liner. Check out my post of it HERE.

Natio Lotus Soap Trio

This gift set features "all-natural Indian Attar perfumes, the mind calming and mood enhancing scents used during yoga". I'm not a soap user at all but I'm more than happy to give this a go. That's what these beauty boxes are for isn't it? Trying things you wouldn't normally buy? 

Green People SPF 15 with tan accelerator 

I have heard such good things about the Green People brand and I had been meaning to pick something up from them (preferably a face and/or body oil) so I'm impressed with She Said Beauty for including a product of theirs. Like I said in my recent haul post, I'm not big on tanning or the deep bronzy look, so I'm not sure if I will actually use this. 

Free Sample: Snowberry

She Said Beauty chucked in an extra freebie, samples for eye gel, day cream and night cream from Snowberry. I've never heard of this brand, but they describe its products as being "a rich fusion of the purest and finest active ingredients from New Zealand and the remote places of the world". Interesting, will give it a go!

For me, this month's box had a good balance of products I knew and loved which I wanted to purchase along with brands I'd never heard of and things I otherwise wouldn't have tried, I'm happy. Xx


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