Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAC lippie (Cosmo, Offshoot) and April Glossybox!!

cheeky me taking pics at my desk! ^^ 
Offshoot (left) Cosmo (right)

So the first part of this post is about my two everyday MAC lipsticks! They live in the back compartment of my work bag (amongst a plethora of balms and sample lip products for on the go applications!)

top: Offshoot - bottom: Cosmo

in natural light

Cosmo has been a staple for me for the past six plus years. I discovered it back in high school and have repurchased it more than any other. It is a pinky peachy nude with a Lustre finish, making it super glossy and moisturising! This is perfect for giving my lips some colour without being too noticeable or too much. It's in MAC's permanent shade rage which is good news.

Cosmo in natural light

Offshoot in natural light

As for Offshoot, it's unfortunately limited edition which came out with the MAC Me Over collection last fall. I never would've thought that I would go for a brown-nude colour but this has enough plummy pigments in it to make it flattering.
It reminds me of Sofia Vergara *swoon* as she's always got her brownish plummy lipsticks on!
I use Offshoot when I feel like my face is too dull/drab for Cosmo alone. It definitely draws attention to my lips and gives a subtle 'statement' look. Offshoot is also a Lustre finish (my fav).

Moving on to this month's Glossybox, I would just like to give a shout out to the Glossybox team for the organic theme. More Please!!! If you're a regular reader of my blog you would know how obsessed I am with paraben-free, sulfate-free all natural products! This is the first Glossybox where I know I will use ALL the products and enjoy every single one of them! :D
(In keeping with the organic theme, this month's box also came in an all-brown cardboard box as opposed to the usual pink and black polka dotted one). 

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
INIKA Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner in black
AYUURI Natural Body Wash
Figs & Rouge lip balm
KAI Perfume Oil

I'm also chuffed that it had the Caudalie Thirst Quencher serum as I am running out of the sample I got back in November! Its so unbelievably moisturising and light, I've never tried a product like it.

And even more so, the Figs & Rouge lip balm! This has been on my wish list since I read a blogpost on it a few months back, and it was on my MAY to-buy list so thank you Glossybox *checks item off list*

I'm also running out of body wash so this full size coconut one came just in time.

You'll definitely see the new products turning up in future blogposts if they are worthy of it, ha! 

How many of you are signed up to Glossybox? What do you think of this month's box? Xx


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