Saturday, March 3, 2012

HAUL!! Lush, Primark, Boots

Hey everyone! Massive haul much? Ha! Oh pay day how I love thee :) Alright maybe the Lush stuff was a gift, so let's start there!

It consisted of my first ever full size Cupcake mask (and you can read my thoughts on it here and more so here).

Dorothy Bubble Bar (this is SUCH a luxurious bubble bar! It made my bath incredibly velvety, sparkly and fragrant <3 Ps. I break my bubble bars into three pieces to make 'em last, plus I bet the bath would otherwise overflow with all those bubbles!!

And French Kiss Bubble Bar! It looks like a white and purple swirly Hershey kiss!

Next up, Boots! The highlight of my Boots trip would have to be the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. I picked this up after I noticed how oily my skin got in the afternoons at work and how desperately I needed to powder my T-zone! This was just over £8 and I almost got the Collection 2000 powder for £4 - until I realised it had two kinds of parabens while the Bourjois just had one. You know me...
And if you've ever used Bourjois' Healthymix foundation, you'll be as pleased as I was to discover it smells EXACTLY the same :D so fresh, fruity and energizing! 

I must mention that when I opened it after I bought it the powder was unstuck from the bottom of the plastic packaging, so when I finally opened it up it jumped out of the pan and I accidentally dug my nail into it :/ boo
I might just glue the pan in at some point...

For said powder, I needed a mini kabuki to apply it with and fit into my tiny work makeup bag, so I got this AMAZING £4.99 soft, thick kabuki by Bourjois as well. Lovez it :)

I then picked up a couple of essentials. One is a refill of cotton pads (buy 2 get 1 half price, about £2 total).

And a Collection 2000 clear brow gel mascara for £1.99 cuz my Body Shop one from six months ago was looking rank :o ughh

The next day I got this as well from Boots with my No.7 £5 off voucher: a great compact blending brush (cross between a 224 and 217 by MAC) for £2.24!!!!! How awesome is that? I feel like I wanna get a million of these ^^ ha

Last but not least are my Primark purchases, the highlight of which were those awesome black patent wedge pumps. They're about 3 inches tall made from a smooth patent material which does NOT scratch or hurt your skin (near the base of your toes)! The best part though is that they're wide fit :O What? Another high street shop going into the wide fit shoes business? Yes Please!!!! I'm so over the moon about this and hope that ALL shoe retailers catch on #daretodream

Anyhoo I picked these up for £12 however, I got some shoe pads both for the insoles and sides, where the side of my big toe rubs against the shoe, which means they cost me around £19 in total =) which is still pretty awesome. I wore them for 12 hours 
 yesterday (9am til 9pm, I dare NOT walk to and from my commute in them! No sirree!) and they were very comfortable considering they're cheap 3-inch heels!

Haha to conclude this haul, I present you with... the least interesting purchase! =D £2 80 denier black standard Primark tights :) 'cuz I wear 'em every day! Xx


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