Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haul feat. MAC Dish It Up rave + comparison

Alright guys, I know I know I'm getting a bit carried away with hauls (and I'll sure be feeling this when I run outta £££ in a couple of weeks) but what can I say! There's a reason this is mainly a beauty blog =) 'cuz I can't get enough of the stuff!

Before we get onto the highlight/main topic of this haul, here are a couple of other things I picked up yesterday... 

I went into WH Smith first and my jaw hit the floor like this ---> :O when I saw that UK Cosmo mag were having a CLINIQUE promotion! say whaaaat? I've been after the High Impact mascara (about £16) for over a year now but couldn't justify the price, and here it was (a mini size) for a measly £3.50 with Cosmo! I had to search through the pile to find one with the mascara as most of them (understandably) had the mini gloss (who cares about that?! =p). 

This is a prized possession, a long-time sought after treat! I'll have to hold off on trying it out though as I'm still going through my current mascaras but needless to say, OH MY DAYSSSS! =D haha

I also got The Help, which won quite a few awards including Golden Globes and Oscars. I finished the Hunger Games on Friday and while I still have When God Was a Rabbit to finish, I felt like buying a new book :) I looove browsing through bookshelves. What attracted me to this was that it deals with womens' struggles and how they come together through them. That storyline really appeals to me for some reason. I guess 'cuz I've had struggles of my own? Who knows. It's described as the other side of Gone With The Wind, the maids' side of the story. I'm very much a read-the-book-then-watch-the-movie kinda gal so I'm going to give this one a go.

Right, onto the MAC! 

I went in to buy Watch Me Simmer from the Shop collection but when I tried it on, it washed me out completely and just did not flatter my skintone/colouring. I noticed that Dish It Up was sold out online but my local MAC still had it in stock. I tried it on and I LOVED it! When you see it in the tube it doesn't necessarily look like much, but on the lips it sort of glows! It's this gorgeous, plummy, shiny, rich, deep lipstick which is absolutely fantastic! I couldn't walk out without it. 

At first I thought, don't I have MAC lipsticks like this? Sweetie and Milan Mode came to mind (all Lustres too!). As similar as they may look lined up next to each other or even swatched, they wear very differently on the lips. I'd say Milan Mode is sparkly pure pink and Sweetie is extremely sheer lilac-pink. 

L-R Lickable (Cremesheen), Sweetie (Lustre), Dish It Up (Lustre), Milan Mode (Lustre).

The shades are a bit brighter in the second picture:

When swatched you can see how Sweetie and Dish It Up are the mauve-y ones while the other two are pink. I lurvvv them mauve shades! 

I also went in there for the Sheen Supreme in Blossom Culture (since I loved my Supreme Style one so much). They are so easy to use, on the go lipsticks but I couldn't get two items this time :( Sheen Supremes don't tend to sell out quickly. They certainly didn't when they came out in Sept/Oct last year so I'm hoping they'll stick around for another couple of months! Xx


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