Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Current Morning Makeup Routine

     I absolutely love reading this sort of blogpost so it's high time I wrote my own! I first spotted it on Gemma's blog and was so addicted that I went back and read all her Makeup Mixup posts! Since then I've started doing the same: every week I lay out a few products that I pretty much don't stray from all week long. Not only does this make sure that no product is left ignored. It also makes my makeup more creative and never dull or repetitive (not to mention helps out with Project Pan ;D). Here are this week's picks:

Nars Voyage eyeshadow: this is the STAR of the routine! I absolutely love sweeping this on my lids in the morning and not even have to think twice. It's a nude shadow with golden sparkles!

MAC Carbon - I then use this matte black shadow to roughly do a winged liner.

     Bare Minerals blush in Aubergine - I am so compelled to write about this blush instead of just mentioning it because I have found new love for it through this weekly system! I purchased it almost a year and a half ago on a whim and was SO disappointed with it! I found it so unbelievably pigmented and difficult to apply. Whenever I used it I ended up looking like a sunburnt clown. It sadly sat unloved, untouched and unwanted :( 
     When I recently gave it another go, my oh my was I pleasantly surprised (understatement)! The trick is to use a stippling brush (I use a MAC 131) and I always tap it first onto the back of my hand to get the excess product off. It is actually the most gorgeous shimmery goldeny berry shade which shows up rich and satiny (but not shimmery) when blended into the skin. I LOVE this product!!!!

The rest are as follows:

Wet'N'Wild Mega Liner in black
Garnier BB Cream in  02 light
Bourjois Healthmix Foundation in 52 Vanille
MAC MSFN in Light (yep it fell a couple of weeks after I bought it and smashed into smithereens, I'm over it)
Avon SuperShock Max Mascara in Black
Benefit It Stick
Benefit Erase Paste in shade 2
The Balm blush in Frat Boy
Bourjois lipliner in Rose Preciéux 15
Dior eyeshadow palette in 609 Earth Reflect (for the golden highlight in inner corners and on the brow bone!)
Collection 2000 clear brow gel



  1. Love the look of the Nars eyeshadow. The few I have are my faves at the moment too xx

  2. We use the same foundation! That eyeshadow from Nars is really beautiful and I also really want to try Erase Paste, is it any good? x

    1. I've only used Erase Paste in shade 2, which is the peachy shade, for my under eye blue/green circles. Unfortunately, it doesn't do the trick for me and I need to mix in quite a bit of It Stick to actually brighten it up. I'm just trying to use it up cuz I feel guilty chucking it away! :( xx