Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st ever She Said Beauty Box!!!

     I came home from a long day at work to find THIS!!!! I paid £27 in advance for the first three boxes, so you can imagine how much I'm hoping they'll impress! Here is what I got in my first one (and the first one ever!):

     When I first opened the lid, I found it was attached to the box and bent backwards as opposed to lifting up. It also looked just like a blue Glossybox box. Why couldn't it have been patterened, multicoloured, or anything else really?

     When I first saw that I thought 'who are those girls?!' but when you flip it over it's an advert postcard. 

     Looking down at the contents, I think I didn't really know what to expect and was so curious to rip them apart and find out more about those goodies.
      First off is the mini Orly polish in Black Out. I'm not one for black polish so I'm gonna find it a new home. I wish I'd gotten the mint green instead.

      Second was the Aveda Smooth Infusion Hair pack with a shampoo, conditioner and style smoother in mini sizes. SO curious to try these! I'll need to make sure the shampoo's sulfate free though...

     Next is something I am so so so excited to try, Flowering Dragon Eye Tea!!! It's by a company called Jing which I've never heard of. I loooove trying out herbal teas and different kinds of teas so this will be a treat to try!

     After that there's the Comfort Zone Good Night Kit, which is supposed to be £52.95 at full size,and claims to be a super moisturising and detoxifying night cream. Can't say no to that... 

     The next item is the Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip gloss in Angel Delight 4. There were four colours available and I wish I didn't get the brown one :( This'll have to find a new home too. 

     They chucked in an Orly nail file for good measure... 

     And last but not least are these We Are Faux lashes which retail at £9.Woohoo! :D Can't wait to give these a go! 

Did any of you guys subscribe to She Said Beauty? What du think? I might start having a 'have beauty box items of the month' post! =D Xx


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    1. Yippee! :D
      Apparently there's supposed to be a face balm in there as well! x