Friday, March 29, 2013

My Revlon Lipstick Collection

This post features the four Revlon lipsticks I own. At the same time, it is also a farewell post as I have had them for over 18+ months and cannot remember the last time I used one! Revlon lipsticks are not my faves, but before I said goodbye to these tubes I wanted to talk to you about them and have a final say.

#430 Softsilver Rose (Pearl)

I bought this tube back in September 2010 when I was in the United States as I could not find the shade in the UK. I had seen it featured on a celebrity in a magazine and really liked it on her, so I was determined to try it out for myself. As you all know, American drugstores do not have makeup testers so I grabbed the tube and went to the till.

This is unfortunately my least favourite of my Revlon lipsticks. It is quite a loud, fuchsia-like blue-y mauve-y lilac pink shade. It does not flatter my olive complexion at all and I hardly used this! The few times I did wear it I felt so self conscious that I looked like I was from a bad '80s sitcom - and the shimmery Pearl finish did not help with that either!! :( Ah well, at least I gave it a go.. right?

#616 Wink For Pink (Pearl)

This is both the only other pink Revlon shade and Pearl finish Revlon shade I own. This is a very sweet baby pink light 'blush' colour. It is definitely a yellow-toned pink that suited my complexion a lot more. I enjoyed the Pearl finish of this lipstick as it gave a lot more oomph to an otherwise sheer, baby pink colour. 

Wink For Pink was great for layering and as you can see, I definitely got the most use out of this one!! You could slick it on without a mirror at your desk or on the go. It is the most wearable shade from my Revlon collection and I would recommend you swatch it if you're at a Boots or Superdrug! 

#730 Revlon Red (Creme)

This is the star of my collection - my favourite tube! It is such a gorgeous old Hollywood red that did not fail me. I am only throwing it out after I double checked that it was available in Boots so I can replace it whenever I want (hopefully)! It is definitely un-hygienic to keep it as long as I have - I'd say I've had it for a good 4 years now. I know, I know don't judge me!! I just wanted to be sure I could replace it! 

My tube of Revlon Red is still 70% there because you honestly don't need to apply more than one layer of this - and it will last you a good 7+ hours, even through eating and drinking! I hardly had to reapply it. If you are looking for an old school Hollywood glam red lipstick, definitely give this one a go! My cousin once described it as the shade that gave me that Snow White "lips as red as the rose" look!

#477 Black Cherry (Creme)

This is the final piece of my Revlon lipstick collection and it is the much coveted Black Cherry. I had blogged about how this is a fantastic dupe for MAC's Prince Noir back in January 2012 and it is actually my most popular blogpost ever! !LINK!

Needless to say, since I have Prince Noir I sort of cast Black Cherry to the side and went for my matte MAC shade as opposed to my Creme-finish Revlon shade. This is a gorgeous creamy dark plum lipstick which, when blended out with some lip balm, turned into a GORGEOUS berry shade. That is the look I usually went for when I wore this. 

Since MAC's Prince Noir was a Limited Edition shade from 2011, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a tube of Black Cherry if you are after such a look!

Here are some full swatches:
(For all these swatches I swiped the tube only once on my arm so as to give you an accurate representation of their pigmentation. I applied the same pressure each time as best I could).

L-R: Black Cherry, Revlon Red, Wink For Pink and Softsilver Rose.

Lastly, I want to touch on a couple of things concerning all four lipsticks:

Taste: Revlon lipsticks did not have a gross taste - but they didn't have a very nice one either. I found them to have a subtle factory/chemical scent that was very faint. They didn't taste of anything really.

Packaging: I must stress how awful I found the Revlon lipsticks' packaging to be. Three out of my four lipsticks had loose lids!! There are few things more annoying than opening up your makeup bag to find open lipstick tubes flying around - not cool!

All in all I am going to miss these babies. I had great fun trying them out and using (most of) them. Let me know if you have tried them or if you have blogged about your Revlon lippies too!



  1. I've always HATED the revelon packaging, I think it's kind of ugly which is a shame considering the products really aren't that bad! These are all beautiful colours, you have a good eye :) Lovely post!

    1. Aw cheers hun!
      Yeesh they really need to fix their packaging! Are u listening Revlon? Ha x