Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Holy Grail Alert - Benefit's Honey Bunny

As I was doing my makeup this morning it dawned on me that I am almost out of a holy grail product that I never realized was holy grail to me until now :< :<

I picked up Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in Honey Bunny back in March 2011 on a whim - and boy am I glad I did. 

I have oily/combination skin so unless I want my eyeliner to transfer to my crease within 2-3 hours of applying my makeup (and we all know how attractive that looks), I need to put some sort of layer onto my lids before I apply anything else. It also helps even out my skin tone and get rid of the darkness around my eyes. 

Honey Bunny is the perfect shade of pink-y beige-y nude that is 100% matte and lasts a good 8+ hours on me. It's also not dried out at all for TWO YEARS now! Well done Benefit! And it's paraben-free :) As much as I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion for preventing my shadow/liner from creasing, I definitely use it more as a primer for nights out or when I'm doing a heavy look. My everyday eye makeup is usually just Honey Bunny, a flicked liner and a taupe-y brown shade in the crease and PRESTO I'm out the door.

I must add that I did not always love this product. A couple of weeks after purchasing it, I was being very hasty and not letting it dry for a couple of minutes before I applied shadow and/or liner on top. This caused the whole look to smear and was pretty much a disaster. As a result this HG base sat unloved in the back of my drawer until about 8 months ago when I was shopping my stash and discovered its unmatched merits!

I always thought I'd finally test out a MAC paint pot after this baby runs out, but after a quick browse at the shades they had available I noticed that they are either too light/fair for my skin tone or far too shimmery :( 

Benefit (for some God-knows-what reason) have stopped making Honey Bunny and all the shades they have available at the moment are packed with shimmer. 

As such, I am in a race against time with my beloved Honey Bunny *sniffle* :'( 

Any suggestions/recommendations for what I can use as a daily slick-it-on-the-lid base will be much appreciated! 


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  1. Oo my mac paint point as just run out and I want a new make up base will have to check this one out :) xo