Sunday, March 10, 2013

~*^ Biggest Beauty Haul Yet ^*~

This haul is in honour of the first beauty splurge (and I mean splurge) that I have done in years - possibly ever! I cannot remember ever dishing out this much £££ for some luxurious babies that I shall love and cherish forever <3 <3 <3 I literally jumped with joy when the deliveryman dropped my most valuable delivery yet on my doorstep 24 hours ago! 

What brought this splurge on was the launch of MAC's Archie Girls collection, which I had been waiting on the edge of my seat for it to launch in the UK. I was refreshing my Debenhams MAC Cosmetics webpage every morning having no idea when the UK release date was [Googling it produced no results *sigh*].  

I started reading Archie comics back when I was in elementary school so almost 2 decades now! :O

After I stopped by my local MAC to enquire if the collection was just an online one or not the MUA assured me that it would launch in the UK on March 7th. March 7th!!!! On that Thursday morning I went online (having already studied Temptalia's swatches and US Youtuber's review/haul videos) and knew exactly what I wanted to get:

Betty's Cream Soda Blush and Archie Girls' Flatter Me beauty powder (pictured above). I can't seem to get enough peachy coral-y blushes at the moment!! Here are my swatches of the two as well:


I wore Flatter Me out last night and when I swirled my brush over it, I found it really pulled the pigment from the bright pink hearts. If you read Temptalia's review of this powder !Link! she found it really hard to pick up any of the bright pigment, I guess they're not all made equal? I was after a peachy sheen much like the one in my above swatch, but ended up with rather bright pink cheeks. 

Incase you're wondering, that pink swatch to the left of Flatter Me is the Veronica Beauty powder called Veronica's Blush. As you can see it's a frosty blue-toned pink with no warmth in it at all. While it gave such a gorgeous sheen, I knew it would not suit my skin tone. Neither would the Past Curfew berry nail lacquer from the Veronica collection as well *le sigh* it's so pretty!

[Also if you're really curious about the mauve-y swatch to the right of Cream Soda, it's the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Androgyne. Gorgeous!!!!!]

The other two items I got from the Archie Girls collection were the Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliners. I have gotten a bit bored of standard black eyeliner every day so I've recently been using purples and browns. When I saw the richness these pencils delivered, I knew I had to get my hands on them! I chose Lord It Up and Petrol Blue because they would be the most flattering on my brown eyes.

 I wore Lord It Up out last night and it performed WONDERFULLY! It gave such a strong, dark bold line that did not move until I wiped it off this morning!! I'm so impressed and might have to purchase a back up! 

Above is a close-up of the Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner swatches. The two on the left are Petrol Blue and Lord It Up respectively. I didn't get the shimmery black because I already have a couple of shimmery black eyeliners and the purple is too light to work as an actual liner for me. I wouldn't have used it very much. 

So that sums up the four Archie Girls products that I purchased, but did I stop there? Oh no, no no no no no! Not too sure what possessed me to act as if I was earning three times my actual wages, I threw into my basket two items that had been on my wishlist for months and one impulse item just for the hell of it (if I'm spending over £100 on products, what's another £12 to add to the craziness right?). 

The impulse buy was the Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara by MAC. I had tried the False Lash Effect, Opulash and Zoom Lash MAC mascaras so I thought why not go ahead and try this one? I liked the first two very much but really didn't get on with Zoom Lash. This one is meant to be lightweight, curling, defining in a carbon black pigment that's smudge-free yet easy to wash off. Don't let me down MAC!

I also finally purchased the Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara which was all over the magazines during Christmas time. It has the fuschia background ad with the oh-so-gorjaaaas Natalia Vodianova on it !Link!. Also Charlotte from Coco Bardot Fashion Style Makeup Thoughts was working for Guerlain at the time and tweeted about how friggin' awesome it was so in my basket that went too!

The last item I purchased was something very strange for me: a lipgloss. Back in the day I was obsessed with MAC's lipglasses. I remember C-Thru, Chai and Prrr were my staples!! I guess I was all about the nude lip in middle/high school ^^. As lovely as a nude gloss is, I got fed up with the stickiness and having my hair plastered to my face on a windy day. Also, some glosses can make you look like "you just had some KFC" quoted from a mutual friend who was describing how gross girls look with lipgloss on. Needless to say that was enough to put me off!

 What changed my mind? Temptalia giving Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in 69 Merveille an A+. Yes people, an A friggin' plus!!!! When does Temptalia ever rate a product so highly? If you look at the pictures in her review !Link! it looks absolutely gorgeous on her! An A+ Chanel gloss in a super wearable and flattering mauvey shade? I had it on my wishlist since December so that Thursday was the fateful day that I crossed it off my list and put it in my basket. 

I tried it on yesterday and found it to be quite sticky but not overwhelmingly so. The shade is such a gorgeous pinky mauve with hints of golden in it that is going to look so lovely on a warm sunny day! 

The wand was an unusual type of doe-foot applicator as it was tapered on both sides (see above). It gave me more control when applying the gloss, especially at the corners of my mouth and cupid's bow. 

I'm so glad I went for it and indulged in products I had been denying myself. God knows I wouldn't be able to do this big a splurge again in a while (unless I get a better paying job) so I shall bask in the glory of this indulgent treat to myself. 

I had my Diptyque Rose Duet candle lit yesterday afternoon as well and couldn't help snapping a few pics of its gorgeous luminosity!! 




  1. Oooh, I'm so tempted by the Archie's girls cream soda blush, let me know how you get on! (Also rose duet). Awesome selection of products xx

    1. Thanks hun! Yes will do!! I shall test out Cream Soda tmrw!! SOOOO wanna use the Maxi Lash straight away but gotta get through a couple of open tubes first! xxx

  2. Awesome! That Guerlain mascara smells so nice hahah. I need to visit MAC and Diptyque candles are <33