Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mascaras I'm Currently Using - 8

Check out my thoughts on the mascaras I've been using! 

L'Oreal Mega Volume Collagene 24H in Extra Black 

I picked up this tube having not heard or read anything about this particular L'Oreal mascara. I was in the mood to try mascaras for the sake of it!

Risks can go badly - and this one was no exception. I really did not like this mascara at all. It had quite a wet, plastic-y and thin formula that glooped onto my lashes and didn't really do much for them. I didn't think the colour was "Extra Black" at all. It also left my lashes feeling hard to the touch. I definitely will not be repurchasing this mascara.

Pros: affordable, gives a little lift and volume.

Cons: leaves lashes plastic-y and hard, difficult to remove (my lashes fell out a lot when I was using this), flakes during the day.

Bottomline: seriously do not waste your time. There are far better mascaras out there for the same price and even less!

MaxFactor False Lash Effect in Black

I bought this at the same time as the L'Oreal mascara because since I was taking a gamble with the latter, I needed something that I knew would work just in case. This is an old staple, a favourite. So many of my friends swear by this mascara, myself included. 

I love how it leaves my lashes soft to the touch and is rather easy to remove. It does not make my lashes fall out and is very, very good for layering. When I was using it this time around, I found myself wishing it lengthened my lashes a little. I also didn't find the "Black" shade to be very dark on me. In future I'll look for a MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara that lengthens in a darker colour. 

Pros: great natural buildable volume, easy to remove, affordable.

Cons: does not give great length, colour can look more on the grey side.

Bottomline: this is a great mascara to use along with a lengthening one. As far as drugstore mascaras go, this is one of the best!

Lancôme Hypnôse Star 

I had tried the Hypnôse and Hypnôse Drama mascaras by Lancôme in the past and didn't think they were anything special. During the January sales however, I spotted this much raved about baby in a gift pack with the notorious Lancôme Bi-Facil eye makeup remover and standard Kohl pencil for £13 only. THIRTEEN BRITISH POUNDS - how could I have resisted? In my basket it went!! 

I was super excited to have bagged a new high end popular mascara at such a bargain and couldn't wait to try it!! I must say that out of all the Lancôme mascaras I have ever tried, this definitely impressed me most. 

I didn't understand how to work the wand at first. As you may already know, the Hypnôse Star comes with a tapered wand that is flatter and more volumizing on one side while the other side has longer bristles to define and lengthen. Once I got the hang of the brush though, I couldn't stop using it! I was even thinking that this has become my new HG high end mascara - until it started flaking on me. Yes, sadly the Lancôme Hypnôse Star mascara gave me a lovely little shower of tiny black specks underneath my eye and a couple on my lid too. :'( *sob* I thought I had found the one!!!

You can definitely see the flakes in the picture above, and they were even more prominent in real life! This was after about 12 hours of wear. If Lancôme manage to fix this mascara's smudging and flaking issues, I will definitely be repurchasing it. 

Pros: its unique brush lets you control length and volume as well as reach the tiny lashes in your inner corners, very black formula.

Cons: price, flakes, smudges.

Bottomline: it gives such beautiful fluttery lashes, but you have been warned...

MAC Opulash in Bad, Bad, Black

This little baby came with the MAC 2012 Christmas/Holiday set I ordered and was definitely part of the reason for ordering it in the first place! I have used Opulash at least once before and really, really liked it. Its brush reminds me of Benefit's BadGal - really full thick big bristles.

I only used this mascara 2-3 times since opening the tube (as you can see I had 3 others on my hands to use before I opened this one) but I definitely have no complaints thus far.The colour is really dark and jet black, the natural bristles give me great volume and separation and it does not flake!

Pros: jet black formula, great volume, great fluttery lash effect.

Cons: price.

Bottomline: go for it baby!

I was watching the latest Kourtney & Kim Take Miami episode as I was taking pics for this post and having some Twinning's Mango Green Tea :)



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