Sunday, August 12, 2012

NOTD - Pastel Beach-y Summer Nails!

I was feeling the pastel soft summer colour vibes this weekend thanks to the lovely sunshine. Here's how it translated to my fingertips! 

Ring Finger + Pinky = OPI's Nomad's Dream which I reviewed HERE

Thumb + Index Finger + Middle Finger = Leighton Denny's Sex Kitten.

I came across Sex Kitten in the first ever Glossybox I received (October 2011). My initial reaction was 'ugh, why did I get THAT shade?!'. Once I had it on though, I thought 'meh not so bad', and haven't worn it again since... until now. 

To me, it perfectly and beautifully compliments Nomad's Dream. It's the sea to Nomad's Dream's beach/seashells! Ha

In terms of wear, I'm not impressed with Leighton Denny at all. I didn't like the rough-looking finish and the polish could've done with a little more pigment. It chips a lot faster than most other nail polish brands as well. I definitely won't be purchasing Leighton Denny nail polishes anytime soon.

This colour combo definitely kept me smiling all weekend and feeling so summertime seaside-y! 



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