Monday, July 2, 2012

Basics Review: Brown Pencil Eyeliners (Rimmel, Topshop, Benefit)

Wowza June has flown by, and was possibly the best month ever as I went to my first camping festival: Isle of Wight!!! I saw one of my favourite bands of all time: Pearl Jam <3 Anyhoo, amidst the excitement, dancing and awesome music I misplaced a staple product: my Topshop Saddle pencil liner. 

Top: Sable, Middle: Saddle, Bottom: Saddle blended out
As it was payday last Friday I placed a Topshop order last night and repurchased the £4 liner. Here's why I love it: It's a dark brown, the colour of dark chocolate, making it a perfect subtle and soft alternative to black. It's super soft and creamy. It also has tiny sparkles in it that add that little sumthinsumthin! And lastly, it's super affordable and manufactured by one of my (and I bet yours as well) favourite high street brands. 


Top: Sable, Middle: Saddle, Bottom: Saddle blended out

 As for the Rimmel liner, it's definitely no where near as good as Saddle. I purchased the Soft Kohl Kajal eyeliner in Sable at the same time purely for comparison/review purposes.

 Pros: It's quite soft It's £1.01 cheaper at £2.99. It's definitely more easily available as so many places stock Rimmel. It has good staying power.

 Cons: The shade is just too light! It looks like smeared milk chocolate in my opinion. I found it very dull-looking compared to Saddle. 

 *Since the shade is so light and soft it might actually be good for eyebrows! 

 Bottom line: this liner did not impress and I have half a mind to chuck it away. 

 My last mention will be of the Benefit Gabbi Downtown Brown liner which I've used up and you can read more about (and see pictues of) HERE and HERE. While it was quite creamy and a good shade of dark brown, it didn't blend easily (it had to be warmed up first) and the tip broke off SO easily! I was so glad to finish it up and never have to pick it up again. Haha as dramatic as that sounds it's exactly how I felt! 

 I hope this is useful to some of you, let me know what your favourite pencil liners are! 


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  1. I think I will try soon a topshop one :)
    in btw thank you for all the lovely comments. Will be soon in London again. it's a wonderful city and I miss it so much!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion