Monday, July 30, 2012

NOTD No.7 .. Crave Me!

I'm absolutely in love with the shade I have on my nails at the moment --> Crave Me by No.7. 

I've recently discovered a new trick to applying nail polish: Instead of 2-3 thin coats, I apply two thick semi-goopy coats (10 mins between each coat). I wait for them to be 80% dry and then apply a thick top coat to seal them. While I still get chips with this method, they're a lot less!!! 

Back to Crave Me, how awesome does this coral/neon shade look? In dim lighting it's almost luminescent! So so pretty. One of my friends (cheers Bec if you read this, ha!) asked me what it was over dinner a couple of hours ago ;) 

I bought this with a  No.7 £5 off voucher back in January and you can see the rest of my haul HERE. I forget how awesome this shade is and always come back to it every few weeks.

Bottom line: this is a great, affordable shade of almost-neon coral that would brighten up any look, especially during summertime!


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  1. Lovely colour :)

    Tanesha x