Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty Essentials Haul ** Nip + Fab, Soap & Glory, Boots Botanics

I went to Boots yesterday to pick up a few essentials, and while it's not a particularly exciting haul, I am SO happy with what I got!

First of all I got some replacement sponges and body buffers. The last time I purchased some was back in February so it's definitely time to toss out the old ones! I loved these yellow Boots Botanics facial sponges (£3.00) for either thoroughly rinsing off my chunky Lush Cupcake mask or just to rinse off my Neutrogena cream cleanser. I find that when I use them with the latter they exfoliate gently giving it an even deeper cleanse.

The body buffer is £2.25 and awesome for a little exfoliation in the shower! I grab this more often than my actual body scrub because it's just so easy to use. I lather on whatever body wash is in my shower (right now I'm using up my Ayuuri Indian Coconut body wash that I got in a Glossybox) and scrub away at any dry/rough areas I have. It's so good. Minutes later my body is much smoother!

Once I'm done, I rinse out the body buffer and wring it, then leave it to air dry on a flat surface.

Boots has a 3 for 2 offer on certain items at the moment so I also picked up a replacement body scrub. My go-to all time fave is the Soap & Glory Sugar and Lime scrub. My cousin had this a year ago and she raved about it. As soon as I got a whif I knew I had to get one. It smells SO good! It's also paraben-free which is a MUST for me (as you guys know). Be careful with Soap & Glory because their other scrub (The Breakfast Scrub) does have parabens! Stay well away.

I highly recommend this. It does what it's supposed to and is definitely a great  and more affordable option (than the Origins Ginger body scrub for example which is also superb) at £8.00.

Lastly, I was on the lookout for some body lotion to keep in my everday bag because lately I've been getting super dry/inflamed arms, I think it might be a sunrash :/ tmi? ThePersianBabe, or Barbara, on YouTube talked about the Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix body butter in her recent room tour video. She said it smelled JUST like the Laura Mercier pistachio hand cream. I have been dying to get that hand cream because I absolutely love pistachio! Why haven't I? You can guess - parabens. Gah, the bane of my existence.

Anyhow, I immediately made a mental note of that litte tidbit and yesterday in Boots I saw it! After checking the ingredients label I carried it over to the till with the rest of my purchases (RRP £8.49, but it's on offer for £5.65 right now).

Now let me tell you, it actually smells kind of gross. Definitely not the organic-y soft smell of creamy pistachio that I was expecting. Yep, I am a little disappointed. Thank god I didn't dish out the moolah for a Laura Mercier cream that would've smelled like this! Ha
It does smell of pistachio but it smells a little too sweet, kind of saccharine-y.

I definitely like the texture and it kept my arms moisturised for the whole day without me having to reapply! I'm learning to like the smell and hopefully it will grow on me. I probably won't repurchase this exact one in future, I might try a different scent.

And that's my Boots haul! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you soon Xx


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