Thursday, June 7, 2012

!* Beauty Haul *!

Today I found myself in Boots using up my £5 off No.7 vouchers. I recommend that you ALL go out and get these because they are both a bargain and super useful. MAC dupes anyone?

I went for brushes because I don't have any eye brushes in my work makeup bag, and with these vouchers, each one was no more than £2.25!

First is a staple: The Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brush (left)

This is my cheap answer to MAC's 217. It's a fluffy crease brush.

Next is a new one for me: Smokey Eyeliner Brush (right)

This looked super cute and I love doing smokey eye looks, so I thought why not. For £2.25 you can't really go wrong. Plus it's super soft!! It would be a dupe for MAC's 219 brush.

Lastly is this Eyeliner Brush. 

On the box it says it's been designed by Lisa Eldrige (wowie) so I'm super excited to use it. I picked it up because it looked a lot like MakeupbyEman's Mint eyeliner brush which I've been dying to get my hands on! I'd say this was an awesome pick.

The final thing I picked up from Boots is the Tangle Tamer brush. I needed a new take-to-work hair brush as I foolishly forgot my Denman mini in my hotel room over the weekend :(

I'd seen FleurdeForce recommend this in a summer holiday packing video from last year and it was around the £6 mark so I decided to try this Denman and compare it to the one I'd had (I had the standard Denman boar and nylon bristle mini Mason Pearson knock-off).

And the final beauty item I have in this haul is Ciaté's Purple Sherbet polish! I have been DYING to try Ciaté as I've seen more and more Youtube/Blogger beauty gals rave about this. I wouldn't pay £9 for a brand I'd never tried before, so I jumped at the chance to get one for £3.70 with this month's Marie Claire (Eva Mendes is smokin' on the cover!). They had a bright fuchsia and a muted pinky mauve as well. I'm super excited about this purchase and cannot wait to post a NOTD with my thoughts on it!



  1. Hi love just to let you know I sent you the invoice for the studio sculpt :) xo

    1. Thanks hun! Just wondering why it's for £9 tho? I thought the item was £8 and p&p was 50p per item? xx