Monday, July 16, 2012

Facial Beauty Water Review [100th post!] ft. Avene, Caudalie and L'Occitane

This is a topic dear to my heart as I consider my facial water an essential part of my summer beauty routine, here's why:

After a few hours of having your makeup on and being out and about, have you ever felt like your face was hot, sticky and needed to be washed rIght this minute?

In comes a trusty bottle of beauty water! Just a few spritzes freshen up the face and make it much more bearable. It lets me withstand my makeup for a few more hours until I can wash it off.

I had pretty much only used my Avene thermal water for the past year, and finally branched out last month. I was in France for a few days so I justified purchasing the Caudalie beauty elixir as it's a bit cheaper there and the exchange rate worked in my favour too!

Beauty Elixir


This is way wayyy pricey! For the money, it's so not worth it. I'd rather spend the £32 on a really good moisturiser, or better yet, TWO!

Cons: Strong scent,very wide spray range, PRICE!

In terms of actual beauty benefits, I once sprayed it on a new spot and it made it all tingly. I'd like to think it helped disinfect it and treat it. Other than that single incident, not really.

I sometimes spritz this on when I wake up in the morning just to freshen up my face and wake me up a little more. 

I've been a fan of Caudalie for a few months now so when Zoe from Zoella raved about this continuously (and almost every other beauty blogger under the sun followed suit) I expected the world from it. Honestly, the only difference between this and the L'Occitane water (see below) is that it sprays much more finely and evenly and it doesn't taste horrible. 

Essential Face Water


This spray ranks third in this post. 
Cons: Way too fragranced (tastes awful when you spray your face), the spray in the sample bottle I have sprayed a huge amount of concentrated product straight ahead.

This beauty water can also be a bit watery. In terms of beauty benefits, I'd say it gives the same effect as the Caudalie elixir. They smell almost exactly the same so I'd imagine they contain many of the same essential oils. 

If the spray on the full sized bottle is decent, then this would be a good, more affordable substitute for the Caudalie beauty elixir as it's still got the same zesty herbal scent, and leaves my face feeling exactly the same way: refreshed and a bit more cleansed and taut.

I also just used it on the bus ride home after work and it worked a treat! In a time of need, it definitely does the trick. I would only repurchase this if I tried out the spray on the full sized bottle in store first.

The writing wore off almost immediately after I chucked it into my everyday tote! 

Eau Thermal Avene Water Spray

£6.50/150ml large can

This is my favourite beauty water and by far the most affordable! 

The spray range is just right and very gentle, and it hardly has any fragrance at all!

While the previous two probably have more beauty benefits due to the essential oils in them, this is purely a facial water to freshen up your face.

I first started using it when I put on too much powder and needed to make my makeup more dewy, but I now carry a bottle in my everyday bag to freshen me up during the day!

Earlier today, I wanted to use this as my commute is quite long and I desperately needed to freshen up. I found that the spray was stuck and stopped working while I still had 30% left in the can! >:( I have no idea why this happened as the cap is always on the bottle, but hey. I guess it loses points on durability of its packaging which is a minor disappointment. 'Guess I'll have to live on the L'Occitane sample in my bag for now. 

I've tried MAC's Fix+ just once and it was alright from what I remember. I think I'd have to actually own one and use it for a while before I give it a fair opinion though. I'd also like to try MAC's mineral facial water!

What beauty waters/spritzes do you use?



  1. Im loving Caudalie right now. Great blog hun xx