Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pressed Powder Review: Bourjois vs The Balm

When I started my full time job a couple of months ago, I quickly realised how by 1-2pm my forehead becomes a shiny oily mess and my foundation is pretty much nonexistent :/. So I rushed out to Boots (as you do) and chose Bourjois Healthymix pressed powder because:

 a) it had only one paraben (compared to Collection 2000's which had two) 

and b) I LOVE the Healthymix liquid and serum foundations so I expected the same quality from their pressed powder.

But sadly, no, the powder failed to impress.
 Priced at £8.49, it is quite chalky and when you buff it in it isn't transparent nor smooth. It sort of creates this slightly crumbly cakey cast over your face. Nonetheless, I committed to give it a full 4 weeks before I made up my mind.

Meanwhile, Yu from MakeYuUp had reviewed (and highly recommended) TheBalm's translucent powder called Sexy Mama. I didn't get it at the time because it's only available online as far as I know, and was around the £14 mark. Yu mentioned that it was on offer for £12.99 on so after I saw how crap the Bourjous one was, I shelled out for TheBalm's Anti-Shine Translucent powder and I'm here to say it was worth every penny!

Yu was so right about how awesome it is! It's extremely soft and translucent, you can hardly tell I have it on. It mattifies so perfectly. And guess what? IT"S PARABEN-FREE! #hallelujah

Another plus is that I know Yu is around the NC30-35 mark at MAC whereas I'm an NW20, so the fact that it works great for both of us is VeRY impressive.

Packaging-wise, I love their retro look. Yes it's similar to Benefit but honestly Benefit is on a £10 higher price mark and not worth it in my opinion. TheBalm's packaging is also WAY better than Bourjois' because even though it's paper not plastic (environmentally friendly), it shuts magnetically so it will not fall open no matter what. The Bourjois' powder on the other hand came in a loose pan and a very hard-to-open compact. The first time I opened it I thought it was stuck, which caused me to jam my thumbnail into the powder (note the missing chunk on the side).

You can still find TheBalm's Anti-Shine Translucent Powder on for £12.99 HERE!!

Oh my God, scratch that! I just saw it on feel for £12.50 delivered!! LINK!

The only other TheBalm product I've tried came in the one Carmine box I ordered a few months ago (sidenote: have they discontinued Carmine? Can't find it online anymore!) and it was the Frat Boy blush/eyeshadow powder. It's a deep peachy pink which gives an oh so beautiful glow!

I've also seen @meghanrosette 's review of the neutral eyeshadow palette from The Balm which she is in love with and now I am so curious and eager to swatch!!

Dear The Balm, please be available in Boots in the near future. Ciaoooo!

Have you guys tried any The Balm products? Xx


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