Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nail of the Day! (OPI)

I am LOVING my nail combo at the moment. I sort of happened upon it as my index finger nails and thumbnails were already painted Designer DeBetter, but I didn't like the blue shade on the rest of my hands.

 So I FINALLY tried out All Kendalled Up which I'd hauled over 12 weeks ago! 
Let me just say how impressed I am with OPI and especially Nicole by OPI. Wowee the colour glides on! The polish is creamy, opaque, glossy, and so easy to work with. Love it! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for more Nicole by OPI shades in future! 
I hauled them both together in January and you can read that post HERE

All Kendalled Up:

Gorgeous deep true pink. Kendall Jenner's shade from the Karadashian Kollection of nail polishes from Nicole by OPI. I love Kendall 'cuz she's such a sweetheart which makes this polish just that little bit more special!

Designer De Better:

Lovely shimmery metallic/slightly rose gold shade. So unique and one of a kind. Reminds me so much of meghanrosette where I first saw this polish in a haul video of hers. Thanks Meghan! 

Ps. Do you like my background featuring this month's Allure and her Minajesty? :D Xx


  1. Love the metallic one!

  2. Lovely combination :) I've not tried Nicole by OPI but it's good to hear the formulation is smooth, well pigmented and creamy. That OPI metallic polish is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. wow, amazing colours. I NEED THEM :D
    your nails look stunning *_*
    in btw i think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :)
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well!?


    1. aw cheers hun! Deffo loved ur blog, awesome outfits! (pssst, I follow u now as well!) xx

    2. Wow love this colour combo especially All Kendalled up, I need this in my life! haha x

    3. for real! It's so awesome x