Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Faves #4

Fave Video

     This week's fave video is DEFINITELY DeAndré Brackensick's cover of Master Blaster!

I've been following this year's American Idol since the first episode and I am blown away by the variety of artists! The contestants are mainly 16-21 and they are fantastic, superb, awesome, and just plain outta this world. It hurt to see DeAndre go last week, but his rendition of this Stevie Wonder hit is so addictive to me that I bought it off iTunes! It's dancey, soulful, beautifully sung and you can just feel him feelin' the beat and the lyrics and just having a good time! 

Fave Quote

     "May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends gathered below never fall out.." -Irish Blessing posted this quote on St Patrick's Day and I thought it was such a sweet heart-felt blessing =) I love my friends <3 They really are my support system, and my family. We should all cherish the time we have together and how much we care about each other because at the end of the day it really is all that matters #sappybuttrue.

Fave Song

 Sooo this is another American Idol track, Jessica Sanchez singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. This honestly made me cry, no joke. Jessica is insanely talented for a 16-year old and this is by far my favourite performance by her yet.

Fave Beauty Items

 Favourite beauty item of the week? I'm gonna show 3 simply because I haven't done a Sunday Faves in a while and because this week had more than one 'outstanding' project. 

First up: Benefit's Erase Paste in no.2

I didn't like this product at ALL in the past. I bought it because I was desperate for a concealer and then either used it for the sake of using it or just left it in my drawer. Since I've started Project Pan back in January (Project Pan is when you focus on finishing up products you already have and hold off on buying new ones for a certain amount of time), I have discovered the magic behind this product. No.2 is a peachy shade, which means it works wonders on the bluey greeny-ness under my eyes. It covers them well and brightens the area for at least 9 hours straight. I don't know whether I would repurchase this once I finish it, but for the time being I am very much enjoying it!

Second is MAC's Aurora pigment.

I swatched this in store back in January and fell in love! So when I was purchasing Azalea Blossom and didn't want to pay the £3.75 for shipping, I bought this too to get free delivery! It's a gorgeous taupey shimmery brown. If any of you are suckers for taupe like me, get on this before it sells out! 

Last but not least is Benefit's Hoola bronzer. I had been after this for seven years (:O I know) but never justified purchasing it. A couple of weeks ago I found it on eBay for a third of the price and couldn't resist. 

I first wore it on a night out and was disappointed by how subtle it was. My contour was not a deep bronzy shade, but more of a soft light brown. I adore how this bronzer has zero orangey-ness to it (which is why it's so subtle yet flattering). As such, this has become my go-to bronzer for weekday mornings. Hoola is the kind of shade that would hardly ever be too much or too overwhelming for 7am makeup, and gives just the right amount of colour to the face! It makes such a difference to the point that I can't believe I used to go to work with an un-Hoola-ed face! Now I see how my complexion is just too pasty/lackluster without it. 



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