Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Britney Jean


I got around to watching E!'s I Am Britney Jean special over the weekend and it rekindled all kinds of nostalgic Britney fan-girling in me!

I feel like I kind of grew up with Britney even though she's a good few years older than me. The first time I saw her Baby One More Time album was in my sister's room and I remember asking her who that girl was *sighs reminisceng-ly*.

For anyone who grew up with her music, hearing it will always bring back those fuzzy memories of our childhood/adolescence and those awkward 00's! For some reason, Slave 4 U was the song that got stuck in my head and I could NOT get it out of my mind at work today o.O It distinctly reminds me of being in the 5th grade, our school uniforms, and the 'cool clique' that year. 

My all-time favourite Britney beauty looks are: her all-diamond getup from the Toxic video, both looks from the You Drive Me Crazy video, her au-natural look from the Sometimes video and her hair-up party look from the Piece of Me video (all pictured below). I suppose that tells me that I favour a glam/playful/natural look?

If reading this has made you nostalgic for Miss Spears' songs then feel free to hit play on the video below - I had it playing while I wrote this post and it occurred to me how this video would be the perfect getting-ready background music for a Saturday night! Think about it, you'd never have to stop what you're doing to 'change the channel/song' and it will keep you dancing as you do your hair and makeup, non?

- Romy


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